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Walls Of Blood - Imperium

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    • Joe Biden is the epitome of the Washington D.C. sewar rat.Been a public servant (public miscreant) for 45+ years has the blood on his hands of all kinds of detrimental legislation and Trump after 4 years is the spawn of Satan? Lofl! You mean the guy who actually gave a f--k to do something about the flood of criminals,drugs,sex trafficking and assorted 3rd world diseases coming into the country? Man he a wacist.The fact of the matter is that old Joe promised a whole lot of radical,crazy @ss leftwing polices on the campaign trail that he now has to deliver on....or the nutjob leftist base will crucify him.   If American media was just honest 1/3 of the time to the public at large they would actually know what in the hell is even going on in their own country....how many people has 'Cuomo' murdered in the last year in a half ?  How many thousands of unvetted Mexicans and otm have entered the country w/ ch!nk19 under Biden in the last 90 days? 
    • Hopefully we don't have another pandemic.But how these leaders respond to these things like pandemics,hurricanes,etc... do affect the economy.Trump putting his son in- law in charge of the pandemic response,basically getting medical supplies,would've been laughable if it wasn't so stupid.
    • I guess it's sadly or gladly but you missed a year-the most pivital one
    • I'm responding to the initial question that Leykis 101 started about what specifically has Biden done.And I somewhat agree with you-what can 3 months really tell us. But I will say that Biden has done a great job getting the vaccination out to people who want it.That has certainly helped people get back to work.Trump promised 20 million in a month and we ended up with a little over 2 million.He spent his lame duck period crying about how the election was stolen than actually running the country.What you call the natural flow from one administration to the next was actually the worst transition in my lifetime.He was in denial and never invited Biden to the White House.
    • Not doing much for me at all - Haven’t enjoyed anything they have done since Black Butterfly. Will check it out though. 
    • Now you're giving your opinion.I agree with you that Trump should've locked down the country more.He should've taken the virus more serious but he didn't.I think that the US economy and unemployment rate would be a lot better had someone else been in charge.And yes that's my opinion based on Trump's inept handling.
    • Shit dude... I know a few Shortino tunes but that’s an ask with just a few ‘Na Na Na’s’  @traditionalheavy Any other stand out memories - Riffs, other lyrics etc? As our AOR aficionado Leykis101 pointed out those are very popular lyrics.  I've had a look through some late 90 / early 00 Shortino releases (The Cutt & ‘Stand Or Fall’) and nothing jumps out.  We may have to call in the heavy artillery MrAOR.  I assume not, but could it be this?  
    • Of course I'm gonna use these figures.Why not use facts.Let's go over these. We all agree that the unemployment rate was 4.7% when trump took office.
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