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    • I worry less about whoever is singing than most people. I like Warrant in all forms, Great White, etc If you're able to realise that you ain't getting the same product you got with the old singer (some people can't) and can open your mind and go in with a clean slate (some people can't) then you can be pleasantly surprised. From the first 2 abums I really liked 4 and 6 songs respectively Off HEAT - 5, 6, 11, 14 Of Freedom Rock - 1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12
    • Nothing wrong with generic for me. I love generic, as within that I find the gems. biggest problem I have with many bands these days is samey music. Revolutiions Saints are one of those bands. Just all has the same vibe to it. I'd prefer if bands like this change it up a bit, bring in some different insturments, completely change the vocals etc. If it doesn't work, then at least it breaks up the rest of the music. Just my 2c
    • Well you can be guaranteed they're smashed avocados.  Seriously, though, I'd love to see an actual proper reason. Sure, they might like Eric's vocals better, and they're definitely a lot "ballsier" in sound with Eric in the band, but I remember the fanfare (in "our scene") when 'Keep On Dreaming' hit in 2008 and I think you'd be at a stretch to find a better album than that debut in 2008, and the second one was every bit as good, if not better.  I dunno, weird things happen. Maybe people listened to and preferred Eric's vocals and thought Kenny wasn't as good and it suddenly blew up into somehow thinking they were actually bad albums with Kenny, just because Eric's vocals were preferred? I don't know. If I'm being honest, I actually switch off when I see the discussion and can probably honestly say I don't know why people (HEAT fans) wouldn't like the first two albums. I don't think I've ever read on because it just seems silly talk to me.   It'd kind of be like liking Bon Jovi from 'Slippery' onwards without acknowledging how good the first two were. Perhaps poussuers are at play?
    • there's loads of people on FB who only like the Eric albums. 
    • In 100% complete honesty, I doubt there is any actual lack of love for the first two HEAT albums. I know a couple of guys here don't like them, and to be honest I don't really know the music world outside of this site, but I would heavily predict that they're the only couple of people out there that don't like the first HEAT albums (in terms of HEAT fans, of course - not just Craig on the street).  They're excellent albums and anyone who disagrees is a smashed avocado.
    • I was left quite bored by this one. Good vocals and musicianship. Solid stuff throughout, but I found the songs real bland. Queue the obligatory ballad comment, but the only song I warmed to was 'The Dying.' I thought that was a pretty good number. The rest is a pass for me. 
    • So many... and none I can think of at the minute, but that is a super comprehensive start to the thread and I agree with them all! Good selections. 
    • Young Man’s Blues. The other one was not good at all, I was really hoping for more of YMB’s but like I said it wasn’t good. Bakers Pink was another that wasn’t good but I liked the Front (and yes very much me the Doors)
    • Which one the self title before or Young Man's Blues ? The self title was release after Young, due to demand. Baker's Pink were known as the Front, not the Christian band of the same name. They were try to be the new Doors.
    • It does just sound like Lynch Mob pretty much. But nowhere as near memorable songs.
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