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I imagine that the title of this song could be "Go", but...

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Hello, again!!!

This radio station plays hyper obscure pop song (And awesome!).


I could say that the song's title could be "Go", but who coild be the artist???



A curious question about those radio stations: How do they do to get those unknown songs??? Hahaha


Thanks! - Nicolás Matías Funtalas


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Great stuff mate!

The voice sounds familiar, I'm 100% sure that I've heard this song before and 99% sure that I have that CD in my collection but... for the life of me I have no idea where to start searching. I'll keep on trying to find it out!



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    • Bonfire had dropped off my radar the past decade (someone mentioned an album a year!!!).   This samples I've heard on the forth coming album have drawn my attention once again and hopefully, this is a refreshing new face for the band's music.    Definitely going to grab a copy of the new one  
    • For sure Tim was one of the best and most gentle soul I ever encountered while collecting music.  Loved all the interactions we had over the years, and yes, he certainly was knowledgable as T-Bone pointed out.   Did a number of trades with Tim and of course, when I was active selling on E Bay, he bought CDs from me and discussed many of the titles I was selling.  Just another good person that I enjoyed.
    • these guys show that you can still make an enjoyable song with generic, borderline cheesy lyrics if the other elements are there
    • Wow....thanks for sharing Tony.   Tim was definitely one of the great guys....I can remember when I was active selling on E Bay, Tim would always be talking to me about different titles and, of course, we traded many times as well    I always had Tim pictured as a very gentle soul.....So sorry to hear of his passing from this awful virus in the world....
    • I am one of those who prefer their style on Knock You Down and Sultans over the direction they've gone in with the last few albums.  I thought the initial promo tracks for this one sounded solid so I gave the album a spin.  Not bad, but at the end of the day none of the tracks really grabbed me like those earlier releases.   
    • I liked the first two promo tracks for the new album, but this one not so much.  And as Geoff mentioned, the video clip itself is pretty bad
    • I don't have one favorite film but there are a few that I rewatch on a regular basis.... Die Hard (first 3 flicks) Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) Home Alone (first 2) Predator Those are the ones that immediately come to mind but there are others....
    • Canada still hasn't hit the apex yet, although they are saying we should hit it over the next few weeks... I expect we will be staying at home for another 6 months at least...I think we will be dealing with this virus until there is a working Vaccine in place which will be until at least Spring 2021 maybe even Summer 2021...a lot of numbers are being thrown around where we could have as many as 25000 deaths before it is done.....we still aren't testing enough to get a real understanding of the spread.....the economy will truly be screwed for years to come...one good thing to come out of this is that Canada will not have to depend on other countries for health care equipment after this virus as we will make sure that we make our own equipment instead of outsourcing it... latest numbers.... Total: 12,954 (18 presumptive, 12,936 confirmed including 214 deaths, 2,502 resolved)
    • I hope you and your wife are doing well.  Those are difficult enough jobs, but I can only imagine what you both are going through during a time like this.   I anticipate this will remain a major concern here in the U.S. at least through the summer.  In areas hardest hit it really overwhelms the hospitals.  The economy was overall in good shape, but we've already seen lots of furloughs and layoffs.  The federal government has unfortunately been playing catch up through most of this and has had to re-evaluate their assessments and action plans often.  Despite warnings for years from health officials, it seems like both the current and last Presidential administration failed to keep a proper inventory of the necessary ppe and emergency medical supplies. The state and local governments have had to manage much of this on their own initially, and all responded differently.  As such some areas of the country may be better off than others by June/July.  While other states will likely have ramifications for months beyond that.  It astonishes me to see people not taking the recommended precautions seriously while others hoarded essentials early on leading to panic buying and stores struggling to keep some items in stock.  I am grateful my family is well and I remain employed, working from home now.  I check in regularly with my parents, mother-in-law and a few, older neighbors. I try to remain calm so my family feels safe. But to add to my general concerns, I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer last October.  It's a manageable disease with regular monitoring and treatment, but I am in the high risk category, so my stress level is at a maximum.
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