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Le Flex - Are We There Yet

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This will probably only interest me and Karpet but Le Flex has a new album "Are We There Yet" coming March 1st.


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Long play?

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12 hours ago, Mr.AOR said:

Yeah 11 tracks... 

Hopefully it's consistent. As much as I adored his EPs, "The Dancefloor Suite" was hit and miss. 

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Ha. The dude is so weird, but he makes good music. I like that one. 

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    • Vega, Crazy Lixx, HEAT, Degreed (this year will hit 5 winners ), ditto for Eclipse...no 5 this year will no doubt be great (I don't include their first 2 as they certainly hate them and they are never being recognised, played live or 're recorded) But I agree every band from yesteryear has at one stinker in their history (although I can listen to Hope & VOR they are definitely weaker) 
    • Can't think of any of favorite bands who've released over 5 albums that haven't released at least on bad album.  Danger Danger - Dawn Dokken - Shadowlife Dream Theater - The Astonishing....ly fucking brutal release Van Halen - III and for the most part Diver Down Harem Scarem - Hope and Voice Of Reason...I honestly can't listen to either Lillian Axe - pretty much everything after Psycho... The only band that comes to mind to have released at least 5 albums, that are HH material and none have been poor or bad is likely H.E.A.T. although I've enjoyed some much more than others.     
    • Love Reaction is the only track on the debut that I would not give it a 10, still a great tune, but the other 9 are all better.
    • Better at my end too.
    • Now it works again.
    • Thanx,I thought it was my connection also  
    • Finally!!!!! Time to believe all the things that you see in this mannequin show...     
    • I have BTBAR on an AOR treasures album. MP3 only. But it is v good quality. Brilliant chorus - one their best. I think White Widdow covered it as well on their Crossfire album (obviously not as good) 
    • Pretty nice. Not my favourite from him... but nice. 
    • That's a great song too, but not sure I have a top notch well produced version of that one... just an average demo, I think. 'Die off hard' is actually one of my all-time faves and I saw the error in my archives was a simple typo. Silly, but an actual error on my behalf.  Regarding 'Love Reaction' - it's a good song and one that has history for me too. I remember reading a review for the debut Harem Scarem album in a magazine for years; can't believe I forget the name now. Metal something (not Edge - it was a UK magazine). But I'd read the review so much in anticipation of finally getting the CD, and the reviewer there was wild about 'Love Reaction' and it was his pick from the album. So in the lead up I was so focused on that song and waiting for it as I played it for the first time when I eventually got it. Gotta admit, I was a bit underwhelmed. It is another of their massive banquet of awesome songs... but it's not up to top of the list for me for sure.  Arguably my least favourite on the sensational debut, to be honest. 

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