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Busted - Half Way There

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Ok Busted are back with a new album titled 'Half Way There'. Their last album 'Night Driver' had some cool songs with 'Without It' being one of the highlights of that year. This new one doesn't have such highlights but it's still a cool album. Some nice songs on it.

This version is better than Mcbusted's



Love this one in particular


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This one really surprised me. Only heard it once, but quite surprised by the direction they took. A real proper "pop punk" album, which they've not done before. I've only heard it once but it sounded good. But that last album was really pretty awesome. Loved the direction and the thought put into those songs. 

This new album is very enjoyable and I'll like it quite a bit by the end of the year, but it's very simple and back to basics. By comparison, it sounds like they spent a good year or so making the last album, and a few months slapping this one together. But don't get me wrong - it's cool. But I definitely preferred the last disc. ;)

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Again, another album with a few pluck-worthy songs on it.

I like some of the above posted tunes, but probably this one most of all;



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