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    • Killer tune, but a pretty shit clip if truth be told.  I feel a bit sorry for this band/album. They've released a good product which has been pretty harshly assessed based on it not meeting some very high expectations. But there's still some awesome stuff on this thing. 
    • Go listen to your symphonic power metal with all the lyrical interest of an anal wart. This thread is for people who appreciate brilliance and lesbians who wink at Karpetface suggestively.  You slouchy creep.
    • Nice. Some brilliant stuff on that album. 
    • Very interesting little piece was that. It's funny that where he thinks he "upped his game" is where all his fans here lost interest - around the time of 'Sycamore Meadows' and beyond.  Hearing him do 'Don't Move' reminded me again how awesome that song and album is.  Pretty crazy when you see exactly who he has written with/for and produced. No doubt that sets a dude up for life, and then several more lives if desired.  Seeing that documentary, though, you know there is not even a glimmer of hope that he would ever go back to doing anything that we would ever enjoy again (though I did like a couple of songs off the last album). But hey, when you're that successful, I guess you do what you feel like doing and he's obviously just doing whatever he's drawn to at any given time and it's impossible to be critical of someone for doing that. Seeing his explanation for 'Afraid Of Ghosts' makes me want to love that album. It may even make me revisit it. Very grounded dude in a luxurious position of really being able to do whatever he wants, musically, with no obligation other than to record what he's passionate about. 
    • Recycled track off the 'Bring It' album. Interesting. That's the biggest shame of all this - that I actually enjoy this guy's music and would love to hear more... but wow, what a fuck up.
    • Awesome, thanks. An hour long is going to require some work, but I'm keen to see it. Thanks for that. 
    • Cool. I get a little tingle in my heart when these guys can put aside whatever crap went in on the past and get back together to remember the good times and what the accomplished together. Something sweet and sexy about it. I'd be surprised if they produced a good new album, but I'd love it if they actually did it. 
    • Very true. Especially this time of the year with Christmas and New year just around the corner, we need to be extra careful because here in my state, night carnivals n concerts are everyday events and thousands throng to these places, eat, get drunk and hit the roads. So if you re unlucky you might end up with a bad experience. Anyway speaking of which, one dent and one scratch in my car in two months lol. It's really annoying.
    • I'm a bit far from the Waratah National Park, but I'm sure this arsehole was related to that bitch.
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