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Tesla - Shock

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On 2/9/2019 at 9:00 AM, lecko said:

I agree that song are fine and even growers, but they are not very Tesla lilke. After reading latest interviews Tesla had no plans for any new music and it was actuallly Phil who motivated them and reall wanted to produce them . So I say even leppardized Tesal is bettar than no new Tesla.  " Frank said: "Phil came to us and wanted to produce an album for us... Phil really, really helped us. I'll be honest — we were at a low point after we did [2014's] 'Simplicity'. We were really frustrated, and we were probably not going to make another album. Phil had a bunch of song ideas, and a lot of the writing on the new album is co-written with Phil. He interjected a lot of positive energy for us and helped us get back on our feet. .."


Very interesting. 'Simplicity' was no doubt a lowlight in a wonderful discography. 

I also agree that this is possibly better than nothing, but I do have to agree with all that it doesn't sound much like Tesla at all. I assume there will be good songs on it... but these won't be the better ones... I hope. 

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