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Nightrage - Wolf To Man

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The new single from the upcoming album "Wolf To Man" that will be released March 29th.


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    • So I was a little disappointed with this album when it came out but spent the weekend revisiting it. It's better than I first gave it credit for. Not quite as good as their first but for sure in my top 5 of the year.  I see they're in the middle of a UK tour. Shame they haven't hit Germany. 
    • Yeah, I can't wait for this mofo. 
    • I've always enjoyed their albums, admittedly to varying degrees - not as much of late as I used to - and I'll look forward to this one. Here's hoping they somehow manage to spice things up a bit this time, and not travel down the well worn part to a T again. 
    • Yeah, one of the good ones. Out of context the vocals were a little how-ya-goin', but as a complete package this whole thing worked. Love 'Make a wish,' 'Down n' dirty' and the killer closing ballad, 'The last goodbye' best of all. But there's no garbage on this - just a very good album.  
    • I thought you hated the whole synthwave thing? You must check out everything these guys have released thus far if you're finally on board.
    • Haha, I was the same. I really wanted to like it, but couldn't.  'Fly away honey' is a pretty cool music track, but jeez the lyrics let it down.
    • 'Mr Moonlight' for sure. Good album with some great tunes. 'Unusual Heat' is one I picked up late, but a good solid runner up to 'Mr Moonlight.' 
    • Their following album Empire is another classic imo. So many memorable songs like the Grammy nominated Silent Lucidity, Jet City Woman, Another Rainy Night etc. But if I have to compare between the two, Operation Mindcrime, I believe, is better than Empire.  Have always admired Chris DeGarmo. This guy is a genius and the person responsible for most of the band's success during their prime years. 
    • This is one of my all-time favourite albums, and definitely Queensryche's best effort. 
    • What an album!! I think this and Warrant's Dog Eat Dog were two of my favourite discs in the 90s. Though this album was released in the late 80's I only heard it few years after its release. Blew me away the first time I heard it. Classic. 
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