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POP/AOR song ID, please

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Hello friends, again!!!

Radio Horizonte always plays amazing obscure retro songs. Not only classics. Hahaha. I have no way to establish communicatiin with them in order to ask questions about the info of the songs they play. SoundHound and Shazam didn't work for me. I drive crazy!!!. Before starting the chorus it says "please, don't hurt me anymore" and later "Goodbye". And the word or words that comes inmediately "Goodbye???  I can't understand...

This is the song:



I am sure I heard the word "Goodbye". It sounds like an Anime song sung in English. Hahaha

Who could be the artist and the song's title???. 

Nicolàs Matías Funtalas


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I am asking too question about what words come next to "Goodbye". I am from Argentina and I don't understand English very well. But in this community too much people are native English speakers, so they should be able to tell me what words come next to "please don't hurt me anymore goobbye...???". 
Thanks! - Nico

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