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NFL 2018

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Wow the Rams were a no show. What a completely uneventful game. Commercials were bleh and Maroon 5 extra credit bleh.

Well NE has finally achieved the 6 rings to tie with Pitt. Good on them their dynasty is a sound one no doubt.


What was the dealio with Gurley? He stood there on the sideline like a statue for a loooooong ass time? Anyone know why? And dd anyone see the look of sheer terror on the face of Goff for the entire game? Looked like Cam Newton when Denver ate his lunch a few years back.


Come on August get here soon so we can start all over again with hopefully a better season with better teams going to the big show...

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I think the Saints would have beat NE.

Credit where it's due, they dominated the Rams offense and won the game.

The halftime show was so bad, I flipped the channel to the Puppy Bowl.

And i still hate Belichick and Brady, and can't wait until both are gone and the Patriots are lovable losers once again.


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I wonder what would have happened had Alshon Jeffrey not dropped the pass at the 2-minute warning in the Saints game. Sigh... woulda coulda shoulda.

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Honestly, the game looked fixed. The Rams offense didn't look that bad all season and the Patriots defense isn't that good. I bet they cheated again and either taped the Rams practices or got ahold of their playbook. I hate Boston fans. Smug bastards.

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