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Heir Apparent - The View From Below

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Heir Apparent is returning with a long awaited third album called The View From Below which is scheduled to be released October 15th, via No Remorse Records.  The reunited band features three original members.  Promo track "The Door" is available now.


https://www.noremorse.gr/product_info.php?products_id=68064&___p=PRE-ORDER%3A HEIR APPARENT - THE VIEW FROM BELOW CD (NEW)

HEIR APPARENT was founded in 1984 by guitarist Terry Gorle. During 1985, the band signed with Black Dragon Records and completed the first album "Graceful Inheritance" which was released in January of 1986. Up to this day, their debut album is considered as one of the best US metal albums of the 80s. After highs and lows in the music industry and line-up changes, finally Heir Apparent was signed by Metal Blade Records and released their second album "One Small Voice" (1989), one of the best progressive metal albums of all times. Although the future looked bright, tensions surrounding commitment and finances within the band caused a rift that split the group. In 2000, Heir Apparent reunited at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany, and in the next years more shows followed with different line-ups for festivals like Keep It True, Metal Assault and Up The Hammers.
The current line-up consists of original members Terry Gorle (guitar), Derek Peace (bass), Ray Schwartz (drummer) with the addition of Op Sakiya (keyboards) and the great new singer Will Shaw. 
"The View From Below" was produced by Tom Hall in cooperation with the band. Tom Hall had produced the previous Heir Apparent releases and also worked with Queensrÿche on their "Queensrÿche" EP (1983) and "Empire" (1990), among others.

Image result for heir apparent the view from below

Track list:
1. Man in the Sky
2. The Door
3. Here We Aren't
4. Synthetic Lies
5. Savior
6. Further and Farther
7. The Road to Palestine
8. Insomnia



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Highly anticipated release from one of my all time favorite bands! 

I'm quite positive that their previous 2 releases will end in my all time favorite top 30. 

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15 hours ago, kourosofsteel3 said:

Highly anticipated release from one of my all time favorite bands! 

I'm quite positive that their previous 2 releases will end in my all time favorite top 30. 

I'm looking forward to this release as well.  I am not familiar with the new vocalist, but he sounds pretty good on this promo track.

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    • Everyone seems to have missed this one - very nice. Love that typical Scandi melodic rock/AOR sound. Can't wait to hear the album.
    • I hope they mean album, and they're not just going to release a few singles. This is probably my favourite band of the current era - well, alongside Midnite City now... but I question their desire to release music. Everything seems to be really slow and drawn out with these guys, which is unfortunate. The end product is magnificent, and I understand they might have other commitments... I just wish there was more music. Two albums from 2012 to now is less than desirable from a great band.  That said absolutely cannot wait for anything new from them. 
    • Oh dear, mate. Steer clear of this new album then. It's a piece of shit. I've liked this band too, but it's really bad. They've gone the route so many modern rock band go that frustrates the shit out of me... just turned into some shitty kind of retro pop act. I don't mind the sound alone, just never understand why the song-writing, along with the balls, goes to shit. Just like the new 5SOS album. Hate when bands do this.  Oddly enough, they make a random late run towards the end of the album, with 'Paradise,' 'Lullaby' and 'My Beast' to try and save the album. Those three songs are all pretty good, but the damage is done and the rest is wretched.  If you enjoyed these guys being a rock band, seems that dream is over.  
    • YUM! This is what I look forward to from Mr Atkins, as decent as Nordic Union can be at times. But this is clearly where his passion truly lies, and it shows in the output. 
    • Jeez that 'We're gonna make it song' is catchy - I'll give 'em that. 
    • Is there actually anything more frustrating than a great band not releasing music for several years, and then returning to the fold with a shit cover? I think not. Rubbish song - hate it. I don't know the original and hearing this I sure as hell don't want to know it either. Shut up unless you're recording new original music, I say.
    • Nice. Super consistent band, always delivery a quality product. I really like this one too. 
    • luckily I haven't got a clue who Climie Fisher is. 
    • Think I’m elevating this one to my fave of the year. Weeks later I keep coming back to it time and again. This ones catchier than an autumn cold.   
    • Aerial - "Cuz I Know" taken from the "Crazy Over You" CD  

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