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    • I thought it was okay for what it was.  Did think the acting was pretty terrible.  Also thought it was very rushed and they skipped a lot.  I think this could've been better as a 5 part mini series.  I mean, if they can do a 5 part series on Ted Bundy, they could easily do a five part series on the Crue's story.  They could've added more time period 80's stuff, spliced in more "real" live footage, maybe some "real" interviews from the period with the Crue or other people talking about the Crue, etc.....IDK.   Definitely felt very low budget....They could've easily done a much better job with this IMO especially for how long it seemed to take coming together. Definitely a horrible movie in terms of any critical appeal but still okay as low budget entertainment to kill a couple hours.  
    • Lots of poor reviews were good for me to read before I watched it as I loved the book and kind of expected the movie to be epic. The poor reviews allowed me to go in with a blank canvas. As such, I thought it was good. Agree some seemed rushed. Normally you'd expect a downward spiral for Vonce when he left the band and Skylar got ill, but that was all pretty fast. Also skipped his solo albums. In fact it was hard to tell how many years had passed at times. Smacked of a Netflix movie rather than a big budget movie like the Queen one. My 19 yo daughter loved it. My wife thought it was ok. Apparently fans love it, but the critics don't...
    • lol are they Schweddy Balls?
    • I read many dislikes here? I think it's good, the vocals the melodies all good.
    • New lyric video for 'Yesterday Heroes'.    
    • Good news. “I am real excited to be making a new album and signing with Cleopatra. I strongly believe this will be one of our best and really want to give ANGEL fans something special. Can't wait to rock you on tour at a city near you.” - Punky Meadows “Writing and recording a new Angel record is always exciting, and having a new partnership with Cleopatra records makes it even more special. Really looking forward to a new tour, a new record, and a new partnership.” - Frank Dimino “Punky and Frank are sounding incredible.The songs are coming together really amazing and I can't stop singing them lol. There will be something on this new album for every Angel fan and more.” - Danny Farrow
    • Angel - Live Without A Net.  
    • Just sign a deal with Cleopatra, working on new material has begun. I cannot hardly wait.
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