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Midnite City 2

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32 minutes ago, Glen said:

again not to confuse production with style.

Vega is poorly produced....we all know that.

White Widdow is well produced imo (ie everything clear and audible, nothing buried, not muddy) BUT they have opted for a stripped back sound. Almost like no rhythm guitar at all. That is their choice at the end of the day and you either like it or not. But you cannot criticise WW for bad production cos it's actually ok.

As for Midnite City. Yes its better than last time, yes it's perfectly acceptable.....but it still annoys me.

If it sounded like Creye this would be easily no 1 this year.

As it stands for me it probably won't be and that just irks me. 

Yeah, I think I agree and believe I have acknowledged what you speak of. Yes, Vega sounds like shit (drums are pathetic) but I did also acknowledge that WW seemed to be their own doing. Considering their best albums and how those albums sound, I don't get it... just don't understand why they did it. 

It's definitely puzzling to ponder why Creye can sound like a million dollars and these guys can't. :(

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Got the cd with mini poster/pin from Japan. Also a killer tee from Rob.


Great sound this time and killer tunes! Rob is a human song generator/Turing machine. Also he knows well how to embellish  each song making it interesting!

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