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Dead Planet

What are some of your favorite metal songs?

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I had not heard of Lifer before...nice one...picked it up on eBay...

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4 hours ago, Dead Planet said:

I had not heard of Lifer before...nice one...picked it up on eBay...

NOLA is one of my favorite CD's. Not one bad song.

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I could list tons of songs but I'll start with these two: Armored Saint "Reign of Fire" and Metal Church "Gods of Second Chance"



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On 8/7/2018 at 9:50 PM, AlphaMale said:




I've never heard Headstone Epitaph before, solid tune, thanks for sharing

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On 8/8/2018 at 3:53 AM, kourosofsteel3 said:

That's probably my favorite M. Church lp. Now send me a vinyl copy of it

It's my favorite album of theirs with Howe on vocals.  Somewhat hard to find on cd and I don't think I've ever come across a copy on vinyl.  I'm sure it would come with a hefty price tag though

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    • I used to want the product in my hands.
      See the artwork, read the lyrics (hopefully), even go through the credits and look for surprises and quirks.
      No longer though. When some were released as downloads only it removed the ability to have a perfect collection. Same with the cardboard cases (for me at least). I wanted all mine in jewel cases. But the quality of digital downloads is the same.
      For that reason I still collect DVD's as quality of downloads still varies.
      Netflix etc has kind of helped with that, but I often wonder if I'll always have access to everything I want streaming. In the end my DVD collection is doomed.
      In the end everyone's CD collections will be quirky keepsakes.
      Soon releases will be online only.
      This isn't something I am hoping for, but just the way it will happen.
    • Hey mate. You love your music your way. That's what its all about. I'm with CureTheSane. I don't really need to have the physical object in my hands. I'm quite happy with digital. Far more convenient. As mentioned before however, there was a time before the digital (Internet)l revolution when I wasn't happy unless I owned the actual CD. Cassette tape recordings and  CD burns were okay, but I  had to have the disc. Thankfully I've well and truly gotten over that. As long as my files are tagged with cover art, I'm happy and so is my wallet.
    • Would kill for a remastered/vinyl version of "The Early Years".  
    • Thanks for posting this mate. I have to say that I'd never heard of the guy before, but after some checking I've discovered thst he's quite prolific. Heaps of solo stuff and a couple of albums with a band called "Cyanide Scream". I've only just started listening to his back catalog and I like what I'm hearing. This guy rocks! Thanks again for the tip.          
    • Probably not too many Saliva fans here, but this is pretty good so far          
    • For me the keepers were Cross My Heart
      Otehr Than Me
      Burnout To Fade
      Life Is A River

      Tesla are a weird band in that Jeff's voice is so unique and can be really abrasive, or quite delicate at times.
      When I hear a new album, I generally find it pretty easy to know what I'll not like from first listen.
      This posted song is an exception as I initially think it's average, but there is potential after a few listens.
      Some nice melodies and interesting guitar bits in it that are unique enough to get my interest.

      I have no doubt I'll find between 4 and 6 songs that I'll really enjoy on this.
    • I haven't bought physical CD's for years.
      And purchasing greatest hits, best ofs, ultimate collections, etc electronically is pretty pointless when you already have everything electronically. Admittedly, most of my HS is still CD, but I'll get around to ripping this and the rest of my collection one day. In 5 years this is a moot post, as for the first time since their 'comeback' vinyl sales have declined.
      this coupled with the massive decline in CD sales is just reiterating that CD's are the new 'Blockbuster'
    • Halestorm (think ive given on them  now..) Kenny Leckremo’s Spectra - just plain bad. I have missed this guys voice so much as well...

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