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Billy Idol - Jump ( Van Halen )

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So many comments about this.

Firstly, a great cover. Band is tight and it sounds pretty perfect.
Guitar is great but the solo a little whack.

Next, I saw Billy Idol a couple of years ago and it was an amazing concert.
I didn't go for him, even though he was the headliner, but he commanded the stage and was a true rock legend.

I saw Steel Panther a couple of months ago and they played Jump.
For some reason Michael Star didn't jump, which I found weird. Given that they are Steel Panther and all.

Also, why were security in green given that the show was taped? Surely black was a better colour so they weren't as obtrusive? Shit like that annoys me for some reason.

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Wow what a disaster. :D I didn't know Billy sings worse the DLR himself nowadays. The guitar playing was plain bad and the solo was out of tune. Anyway: never play Van Halen unless you are (were?) Steel Panther. ;)

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