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Messer - s/t

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1. Throw It Away
2. Everything Beautiful
3. Fight Of My Life
4. Still Better Off
5. Lay Down Your Heart
6. Make This Life
7. Simple Man
8. Save Myself
9. One More Time
10. Whiskey
11. Simple Man (Acoustic)

Good modern rock album which I thought was pretty cool. Sadly, the only two songs on Youtube are the only two songs from the album that I don't like, lol. What on earth are the odds???!! 

I don't really want to post the songs on Youtube for fear of hindering your desire to check the album out. 'One more time,' 'Save myself' and 'Lay down your heart' are very nice tunes - check them out. 

For the record, this is the stuff on youtube, but they're better than this - though I guess 'Simple Man' is pretty decent and gives you the hint they may be pretty good;




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I gave this a listen and it's pretty cool stuff

There is one other video on youtube and it's probably my favourite off the album


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