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King of Kings, second album.

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My son, Christian Kegler, was the Guitar Player on the second Album of the Band King of Kings! He died on 1993, just when they finished the Album, who was never released! Only now, I had the courage to check the Internet for Information of what happened with the Album, and I don´t see CHRISTIAN´s name as the Guitar Player, for this Album! I found out, Kenny  Young, also has died, and only Gus Hart, the drummer, must be alive! I have many documents from GEFEN RECORD regardin my son, Cristian, and they even gave me a MASTERTAPE, from the Album, efter I signed a adocument that I would never use this Mastertape commercially!Now I see that this second Album is  being dowloaded  for free or not ! Can you help me to find out whay my son´s name don´t appear nowhere, and if someone could be given it away, without my permission, as I am the only relative of Christian alive?

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I'm afraid that these would be questions for people associated with Geffen Records. The documents you have should have contact information for the signatories of any contracts at Geffen.

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