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    • AERODYNE, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden is a competent and uprising old school heavy metal band, seasoned with elements of speed/thrash metal and melodic influences put together in a unique way that makes the band stand out from today’s ever-growing 80’s nostalgia scene. This aggressive main course is served with energetic live shows that are second to none! In early 2019, the band completed the recordings of their second album "DAMNATION" and is now ready to take it a step further. Without hesitation, ROAR! Rock of Angels Records came in to solidify that AERODYNE and their upcoming offering will be included in the elite of the upcoming rising heavy metal forces in EU. With their second album on the way, AERODYNE is aiming for nothing less than world domination! facebook        
    • Debut album out March 13 on Rock Of Angels Records. From facebook: Badd Kharma were formed in 2013 by Gregory Giarelis, George Joe Papazoglou and Nikos Syrakos as a side project from their bands. Soon enough they joined forces with Manolis Tsigkos, Dimitris Marinis and Tasos Ioannides and started working on some old an new material. Fast forward on 2018 and inside Orfeas Music Studios. The majority of our debut album is being recorded here and the wait is almost over. As almost everyone on this planet... Karma will get you too. Rock n Roll!! Greg Giarelis - Guitars Manolis Tsigkos - Guitars George Joe Papazoglou-Drums Nikos Syrakos-Vocals Tas Ioannides-Bass Guitar Dimitris Marinis-Keyboards   1. Never Surrender 2. Land Of The Free 3. Devil In You 4. Still Our Man 5. Rise Or Fall 6. On The Edge 7. Light In The Dark 8. Break Free 9. Fools Parade 10. Burning Heart 11. Lost In Her Eyes 12. Still Unbroken 13. L.E.A.    
    • Debut single featuring Paul Laine on bass and backing vocals. He also produced it. Press release: WICKED SMILE DEBUT SINGLE ‘WE FALL’ Australian hard rock band Wicked Smile have released their debut single ‘We Fall’ which can be streamed or downloaded via all digital platforms. The band features the powerhouse vocals of Danny Cecati (ex Pegazus & Eyefear) and guitars by Stevie Janevski (ex Black Majesty & Cyclone Tracy). The debut single was recorded and produced by Paul Laine (The Defiants) who also played bass and sang backing vocals. Guitarist Stevie goes on to say, “I started the band with a vision to get back to a more heavy rock sound which focused on old school catchy anthemic songs. The single starts out with didgeridoo to set the mood and introduce our Australian heritage, followed by a heavy guitar riff with lyrics about society and the questionable decisions being made by our leaders in power/government”. When it was time to find a lead singer, Danny Cecati expressed interest right away. Danny is the package. Not only does he look the part, he has a voice to back it up. Danny is arguably one of the best hard rock/heavy metal vocalists in the country.  Danny & Stevie have been friends for many years. It’s only fitting that they finally get to share the stage together in their own band. Danny states, “the initial feedback from the unmixed outro sample that we put out a few weeks back has been fantastic. All of the songs that we’ve recorded are sounding awesome!” Wicked Smile are currently unsigned.       
    • 10. All in the name of.. 9. Piece of your action 8. Home sweet home 7. Rock n roll junkie 6. Angela 5. Don't go away mad 4. Primal scream 3. Kickstart my heart 2. Same ol' situation 1. Wildside
    • I think all it is, is that the vocals sound like Lessman at times. Like you said, not real impressed with it but does kind of have that Bonfire vibe.
    • Finally figured out my video embeding issue.....sorry for the duplicate vid above.....
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