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    • seeing as its coming up as private now, try again  
    • New song from the forthcoming Escape EP...  
    • The ADSR is a synthwave band based out of South L.A  who's sound specializes in flashy bright synths and warm pads reminicent of 80's classic pop. Consisting of Luke Blankshain (songwriter and producer from Huntington Beach CA) and singer songwriter Jesse Rodriguez (singer,songwriter from L.A.)    
    • 1. All My Bridges Are Burning - Warrant 2. Guilty - Def Leppard 3. Top Secret - Ratt 4. This Time - Sleeze Beez 5. Don't Break My Heart Again(Paul  Laine) - Danger Danger 6. In A Darkened Room - Skid Row 7. Fighter - Kane Roberts 8. Everytime You Cry - Strangeways 9. Lucky This Time - Mr. Big 10. Stranger Than Love - Harem Scarem    
    • This would be close to my favorite "Warrant" track also.
    • Favourite Twisted Sister track is Hot Love by a mile but assumed it was a single since they made a music video for the track. 
    • Rumble Tribe - Fire Water Earth & Stone WASP - The Headless Children Last Temptation - Better Late Than Never KISS - Monster Rhino Bucket - Get Used To It Vengeance - Arabia
    • Take The Dog Off The Chain - Babylon AD Humans Being - VH Poison Apples - Motley Halfway To Heaven - Europe (not sure if this got significant airplay, but nowhere near their big hits) Beleive - Stryper Until You Suffer Some - Poison (I know this did ok, and was a single, but is easily their best song for me) Say Goodbye - Krokus Raise your Glasses - Kiss Letter To A Friend - Warrant Heartbreak Suicide - Danger Danger Nobody Wins In The end - Nelson Cure The Sane  - Dangerous Toys Hot Love - Twisted Sister Angela - Motley Goin' Home Tonight - White Lion Slave to Love - Quiet Riot Chasing Rainbows - Wig Wam
    • From FB: Producer Erik Modin reporting from the studio: "Aaand, it's done!!! Yes, our 2nd album is finally recorded, produced and ready for the final mixing!  Took us one year and we sure had a few bumps on the road, but now we're finally there!  Can't wait for you guys to hear this one.  I want to thank my loyal and bandmates and family members Adam, Pontus, Marcus and Erik Forsberg for doing an amazing job on this album and for all the support when times has been though on us. Also a big thanks to our record label AOR Heaven and to our kickass manager Sebastian Ekblom Bak! Tracklist, release date, album cover and other useful stuff will be revealed in a while. Now, it's time for some vacation. Wishing you all an amazing summer, talk soon!  / Modin"
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