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    • I'm sure I could find a lot more than 3 bands but here are the first that come to mind... Iron Maiden - I liked their first release with Di'anno but could never get into the band after that... Journey - there are damn few songs by the band that I can stand listening to...mostly because I find Perry's vox too irritating... U2 - another overrated band that has literally no redeeming songs...
    • CSN&Y-4 Way Street Divinyls-S/T Goo Goo Dolls-Magnetic Heavy Metal-Geomatrix Linkin Park=Living Things Marvelous 3-Readysexgo Phillip Phillips-The World From the Side of the Moon Mark Slaughter-Reflections In a Rear View Mirror Stone Temple Pilots-High Rise Glenn Tipton-Baptism of Fire
    • I'm in the #3 wasn't as good camp. Probably because my expectations were so high, but also they didn't seem to find too much taht was overly impressive in all the killing. Smacked of a Kill Bill 2 vibe, with the bad guys lining up to die. Interestingly, I saw Olympus Has Fallen recently, and I swear this is basically a draft for the JW style of movie. The way he killed, head shots etc. Tonight I saw The Other Guys because it was on. Really like this film, so well done.
    • I'd prefer to look at older bands. Everyone knows that for some reason I can't really get into Defiants or Tokyo Motor Fist, and most of the synthy stuff as well. But for me Judas Priest - I like some songs, Living After Midnite, Turbo Lover, and actually some of the Ripper stuff, but overall it was always Maiden easily in the Maiden/Priest battle AC/DC - Sure the early stuff was great, but after Thunderstruck there really hasn't been anything of any interest. Metallica - again, like some of their songs. Face To Black, etc but was never a fan of the speedy stuff. Moving a hand up and down the frets was never all that impressive for the sound to me. Impressive in the skill, but taht's different. Oh, and Dio. Aside from I Could Have Been A Dreamer and maybe a couple of others, meh
    • From Frontiers: Sweden's Perfect Plan continue work on their second studio album, but as a treat for fans, have released a digital only covers EP, "Jukebox Heroes" featuring covers of songs by Foreigner, GIANT, Survivor, & The Storm (an American supergroup featuring Gregg Rolie, Steve Smith, Ross Valory, Josh Ramos, & Kevin Chalfant).  ”We are so excited to have been given the possibility to do these four cover songs. We had so much fun making this tribute to our idols, who we listened to growing up. We think that the EP showcases what the band is all about: having fun making high quality AOR/Melodic Rock. This was also a way to fill the gap between records for our fans while working on the next album. About the next album, we are in the middle of pre-production and it’s going great. We are so excited and proud of the songs and can’t wait to share them with the world!” - Perfect Plan              
    • lol, just noticed the title of the thread. So yeah, okay, I'll say; Cats In Space Night Flight Orchestra Lordi I feel like I have a better choice than Lordi because I think the majority of people hate them too, but that's who I'm going with for now. 
    • White Widdow :-)  Never got Dangerous Toys.  Toto. Though as I've mellowed I do accept they have a coupe of good tracks.  I'd add to the Judas Priest. Never got any understanding of why people like them and walked out after three songs when I tried to watch them after Whitesnake opened for them.     
    • I actually thought the new one was going to be completely ballad free, and then they throw one in, right at the last second. Nice tune, though. 
    • had them both playing on shuffle and you could barely notice any difference ....apart from the debut had 2 slower ballads 
    • My initial thought was this one was more "commercial" in terms of more kind of "radio-friendly" (a few decades ago) mid-tempo melodic type of stuff. If I look back at the debut's track list, there was still plenty of melodic rock / heavy AOR type stuff on it, but my impression of this one, right away, was that there was a bit more of it. 
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