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    • I do feel like Leppard is still sounding great and putting on excellent shows.  The only problem is how uninspired their setlists are outside of their Vegas shows.  It's tough getting excited about a 15 song setlist that will be 13 of the same songs they play on every tour. As for Crue, I saw them on their last tour and they were downright horrible.  It's a shame as I was a big fan of them back in the day and they always put on fantastic shows.  These days though, Vince holds the mic to the crowd for the crowd to sing every other line while Mick Mars looks like a hologram statue off to the side.  It's pretty painful to watch outside of the girl dancers. As for Poison, they're still pretty good but again the setlist is boring as can be and they'll play the same 8 songs with CC's guitar solo and Rikki's drum solos.  Their act never changes and we know they don't have any new songs to bring to the table. 15 years ago this would've been a great bill but I have little desire to see this now.  I'd rather take that money and travel to see new bands that are making good new music.  And that's coming from a big Leppard fan lol.
    • I didn't see the show but all my friends who went to see Leppard this year said they were still good. Unlike Bon Jovi who headlined and were dreadful.  
    • I agree, back in the 80's or 90's this would have been a must see for many of us, but unfortunately now their live shows (especially the vocals) fall well short of our memories of the guys in their prime.  While I am not surprised the Crue didn't stick to their guns, especially considering the money, as Peter said, it is a bit of a slap in the face to fans who spent money believing it was truly their last opportunity to see them
    • jeez 3 washed up past it acts fleecing loyal fans no doubt.
    • New song 'A Million Stars'. A good one.    
    • Humble Pie    Eat It Humble Pie    Street Rats Humble Pie    On to Victory Humble Pie    Go for the Throat Small Faces Playmates Small Faces 78 In The Shade  
    • If the only hook on the album is dull to you, I guess that explains why you like the rest of it.
    • yeah I know, but that comment was directed at everyone. 
    • yeah but no one else agrees with you lol....we've had this discussion before.  And for the record True Love Awaits You is sooooo dull. Jeez that's an instant skip for me. 
    • I don't love the new Eclipse album (and I also don't think it's bad) but I completely disagree.  'True Love Awaits You' is probably better than anything on the new Eclipse album, but otherwise I'd say there's at least 5-6 songs on the new Eclipse album that are better than any other Nordic Union song. Not really into any of those you mention there.   Pretty Maids & Eclipse > Nordic Union, tenfold. 
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