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    • Bleed & Scream had 1 vote before mine? Wat?
    • True, true, who is this friend who likes the old Christian bands, though? How old? Just curious- they're cool! 
    • Definitely one of the best retrowave projects out there. LeBrock and Magic Dance got me into the whole retrowave scene and I've been hooked for a year now. Lots of great artists but this is the one I'll always be coming back to because of the vocals and AOR influences.
    • Whoever wrote this article needs to do some fact checking. He left the band/was fired back in 91/92 and was replaced by Bones, and does not appear on the Cuts EP (other than two slightly older tracks) or Vicious circle. While it is true that he is the longest tenured member as he returned  to the band for the atrocious American Hardcore in 1996, saying he has been the sole constant from 1987 is wrong.
    • Hollywood in Headlights has one of the best I've ever heard.
    • From FaceBook   We did it...!!!🎙 recorded a whole album in 7 days, with only 2 days of pre-production. Mixing and Mastering this week....6 plane flights, sleeping on couches and no heat...rock n roll... 😜🎸 This really was a band effort and we can’t wait for you all to hear it...but you’re gonna have too...2020’s gonna rock   An album written and recorded this quickly does not give me high hopes of quality, especially with the label they are on as well.
    • I'll have a think but 2 I've always loved are : Survivor - see u in Everyone  Benny Mordones - close to the flame 
    • absolutely stunning. one of my favourite songs of 2019 !
    • The 80's here in Baltimore were fucking amazing. I often wish I had been born just a few years earlier. In the mid 80's through about 1992, the music scene here was KILLER. We had so many rock clubs with live music. Every night I was with friends at a different club to see so many of these amazing talented bands. It was like living in LA or NY.  But as soon as grunge hit, it was all gone. One by one, clubs started closing left and right. The ones who remained (even the legendary HAMMERJACKS) turned in rap/hip-hop clubs. It was sickening and very depressing. From 1985-1992...... the best of times.
    • I'm 47. Can we be friends?
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