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    • talented band but they lose me with the ridiculous spoken parts 
    • Can't get enuff of this song. Been on loop since Thursday. LeBrock, you guys re the best!!  I'd go anywhere with you.
    • Last album might not have been amazing, but these guys have been consistent enough to demand our attention. 
    • 'V' out March 6,  2020. More info to come...   facebook    
    • Yeah, this is the kind of news we need! 
    • My first experience of this band was a single track that was included on a give away compilation cassette on the cover of one of the UK rock and metal mags at the time it came out. I think it was Metal Hammer, but could easily have been Raw or Kerrang, and was a compilation of bands signed to Epic records at the time. Without digging the cassette out from the hole all my cassettes are buried in, I am alost certain the song on it was Raise a little hell.   At the time I was still relatively new to rock and metal, as my first steps were around 1988, and was still buying most stuff on cassette as I was unwilling to pay the high price of CDs, so this album never really got a chance. I finally bought the CD in 2003, probably from eBay, and fucking loved the whole album. I bought the Shake it version of the Beau Nasty album around the same time, though just after Jesse Strange and was surprised to find out that they released the song Make a wish before Jesse Strange did, but still thought the JS version was the better of the two.   Of course, three years later I bought the second album as soon as it came out. No way was I gonna wait over a decade this time.
    • Just listened to this one straight through... I LOVE IT! So very 1984 (hard to describe if you weren't actually listening to this style of music as a teen in 1984).  Yes, Geoff, a LOT of early Motley Crue vibe.  RATT demo as well... VERY Ratt-like!  Damn I miss my high school days!
    • Yep. These guys can do no wrong. With this and H.E.A.T, amongs others, 2020 looks to be off to a good start.
    • Brilliant album,still listen to it quite a bit,for me a real blind blind purchase as I'd never heard of them at all and it was available from s.t records sales list that they sent me if I remember rightly,took a plug on this souly based on the band name,wow was I well pleased to hear new music I like at a time when it wasn't doing much...great cd "Love On The Telephone" , "Raise A Little Hell" , "Silver Screen" & "Down and Dirty" for example,whats not to like
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