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    • New song 'Ignition'.    
    • Biggest load of bullshit every stated. There are approx. 7.3 billion humans on Earth. Does God have 14.6 billion eyes to look at every single person on Earth all the time at the same time? Of course not. That's unrealistic. The fact is God allows innocent people to die. He allows innocent babies to die or be born with cancer. If he was this almighty being, couldn't he stop these horrific things from happening? He does not love me. I believed at one time. I did the whole church thing, Sunday school, Bible study, and all that stuff. And I prayed every night. Prayed for family members health, prayed for rain when there was drought, prayed for an end to war. Prayed my father would stop drinking. Prayed for a job when I was homeless. Prayed my ex could be spared death from the colon cancer she found out about right after we met, because she meant everything to me and was the only light in my life. (She died 2 years later). I never asked for anything for myself. No material things. I was a believer. I thought "he" would help. I was ignored. When I was getting bullied in school at 8 years old, I begged God to help. He ignored me. When my family turned their back on me and said there was nothing wrong with me when I was in the midst of major depression. When you pray, pray, pray, and other people are praying for you and nothing changes, you end up like me. I just gave up. I gave him my all and he gave me nothing. He's just not real. He's a fraud. The Bible is fiction.    
    • While we are off-topic promoting G-Off's Productions, as usual, everybody fails to mention my epic studly gay porn debut in the upcoming flick Alpha Males Love Manly Tails. I am sure you will love the scene where I'm trying to remove something from the tub drain naked and my hand gets stuck in the drain. Mr. Fitzwell comes into the room and then comes into me. My most explosive scene yet!! Coming in an ass near you on 2/22/20!! G-Off Productions, a Dirty Dick Company
    • Mighty Opus! Wellcum back! 
    • First 5 are FANTASTIC add in X'ed My Heart, all interchangeable for the best of the album for me.
    • Sarcasm, as I said, won't really be allowed because it will confuse everything too much. That is, when I'm supposed to be looking into what you believe, (I already know what atheists believe) and you keep pretending to switch religions which, when you're just typing and you can't actually hear the sarcasm in the voice is somewhat hard, especially since we've never met in person, ya know. But of course I'm not that boring either, and I'm not getting worked up over nothing, either. I understand everything now, and I'll just say this is the only topic (for now anyway) that I'll assume you aren't being sarcastic on, because it's going to mess it up too much. That's all, I'm not too worked up. 
    • Look, whatever I say to Cody I guess can go to anyone else, you haven't said anything about it really though. I still know very well what I'm supposed to be doing and as soon as I'm ready you all can hear it! 
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