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    • They've done it again...    
    • One man, one heaaaaaaaaart, standing in the flaaaaaaaaaame...(Gawd, give mercy on that 2nd verse!)
    • Thunder - The Greatest Hits (3CD) Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness
    • Well then what am I supposed to study? Just give me a little bit more time- I'll try to have something by the weekend, ok.  Also, that's good- I'm not extremely smart, but I'm in 7th grade- at least that makes two of us. 
    • Petra girl, u don't need to study up on how to explain it to an atheist, I can safely say I have a firm grasp on any grade up to 7th in comprehension, if u start to lose me I can tell u ok
    • Oh Geoff's got one, check out pillow biters 12, you'll also see it in Geoff's well hung garage doors 7, he most certainly has one, arguably the size of 2
    • Ohhh shut up. You won't be making those jokes when He does, but of course it's pointless to tell you that, your brain is-  well how did we know you even have one, sounds to me like it isn't even there. 
    • As long as you stay so very open minded I'll get to you. I don't think you're whatever words you said I don't remember. But, although there is a place in hell, that's not what I'm here to tell you. I'm here to show you God exists, and believe me, if I have hot God Himself working with me, there ain't no way I'm not going to find what I need! And even if you still don't accept what I give you (still reading into the right ways to go about it when confronting atheists) I'll at least have proved that God exists, and that He created the world, and that He is looking down at you right now. In fact, He's the one who's most heart broken if you go to hell (although God obviously doesn't literally have a heart, but you know what I mean)  So, I appreciate your open mindedness more than anything, and I would say that that is kept open by God too. 
    • Whaddayamean, of course Santa exists. He lives a few hours away from me.  
    • lol. Glad you liked that one. I thought it was pretty special too. I actually have the prequel to that series, called 'Lips 'Round The Ring' which is due out on the shelves tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm releasing the first of a new series called 'Erection Detection.' You'll love it. If Jesus would hurry up his return to planet earth I'd be keen to see if I could get him to be a part of the series. Pretty sure he'd dig it.  And for Christ's fucking sake, can you please stop using the Lord's name in vain. I find it really offensive. 
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