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    • I don't understand why most people seem to be pro discrimination against the unvaccinated. The only people they put at risk are themselves or other unvaccinated people. Over 90% of the population is double dosed now, but meanwhile society and lawmakers are busy shunning those who aren't, including making them lose their jobs. Is it a spite thing? Getting revenge on those who question? It sure seems like it to me. I'm double vaxxed by the way and pro-vax. But, I am also pro choice about health and medical care. Actually I'm pro choice on everything that doesn't cause harm to others. That includes people who'd rather get covid than vaccinate themselves. Everyone who has wanted a vaccine could have done so by now so let's get rid of all these restrictions on our freedoms. 
    • So I gave Marcello-Vestry a spin My first thought was that the first song, and a few others, have a Vito Bratta vibe to the guitar, Or even Robert Rodrigo vibe from Airless. Shame the songs are a bit too synthy for me. But only a bit, so I'll give it a few more tries. Were a couple of songs that grabbed me.
    • Nor I. Shame, with the talent involved. 
    • Yeah it's a reissue, didn't do much for me first time around.
    • Yeah, I must confess I have a lot of harsh vocals in my playlists. Namely the Secrets album from a few years back, which is one of my favourite albums in recent years. Even the last To The Rats & Wolves album, where this dude came from. I am actually a genuine fan of the post-hardcore genre, which features plenty of harsh vocals. But yeah, even for me, in this case, it's a bit too dominated by the harsh vocals, and the clean vocal pay-off - which like I said, is very cool, is not quite cool enough... for me.
    • I think this is a best of type of album with some bonus type stuff.
    • Normally I'm not a fan of harsh vocals, but EC blends the different styles so seamlessly and the production/mix is sooo on point. I can listen to their stuff all day long. The harsh vocals in this case don't put me off one bit. I think that part of it is that there's enough melodic stuff underpinning the harsh vocals and they don't stick with it for too long before switching back to the clean vocals, that it just works. The contrasts actually make both aspects better IMO.
    • Not triggered, surprised. Heaps of people hate the cops. They are all equally idiotic.
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