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Had to start a new thread because I can't seem to reply to the ones that were relevant.

Not sure if they were closed?

Anyway, I'm not a big fan.

I searched for the Concerts thread and it seemed to search within the part of the forum I was in, so I clicked 'search all places' or whatever and I get the wait 14 seconds thing.

Which I did, and then nothing.

Fuck I hate the wait 14 seconds crap

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Which thread(s) were you trying to reply to? The only closed threads for the most part is the Retrospect Records forum.

What do you mean by "The wait 14 seconds thing"? Do you mean the timer between consecutive searches? That's there to prevent bots/spammers from hitting the board continuously and driving the CPU load through the roof.

$20 donors get to bypass that search wait timer.

Or is there some other 14-second thingie that you mean?

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