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Fozzy - Judas

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From hysteriamag.com:


After the massive success of the record’s title track, FOZZY are set to drop their seventh studio album Judas 13 October through Century Media.

The video for Judas has been seen over nine million times on YouTube, and the track hit #1 on iTunes in eight countries across the world. Although the record label were initially against the idea, vocalist Chris Jericho pushed for the song as the record’s first single. Their last record Do You Wanna Start A War hit #54 on the Billboard charts in 2014, and Judas is set to top that figure according to the vocalist himself.

“These are the best 11 songs that we have, all of them could be hits,” says Jericho in a press release. “There’s [sic] so many great songs on this I think if this was like 1987 in the days of Hysteria andAppetite for Destruction when you saw a band that had five or six singles. This is that type of record. There was a lot of argument about whether Painless should be the single or Elevator orWeight Of My World and now Drinkin’ With Jesus is in contention so there’s [sic] a lot of great songs on the record… And as we’ve seen with Judas I think this record is going to take us to a completely different level, all across the board.”

When the band eventually hit our shores (although there are no details as of yet, the singer says “we’re looking forward to doing that on this tour cycle. Hopefully in 2018 for sure), Jericho promises that FOZZY are set to dominate the stage.

“Now WE’RE BACK with our best album EEEVVVEEERRR and are so excited to destroy stages all across the globe again! There is nothing like playing FOZZY rock n roll to our amazing friends worldwide and watching you guys smile, laugh and have a blast… after all, isn’t that what rock n roll is all about? We believe that there’s only three things you can count on in life: death, taxes and the fact that if you come to a FOZZY show, you are GOING to have a great time!! That’s the FOZZY money back guarantee…”






Samples: https://www.amazon.com/Judas-Fozzy/dp/B074CTW54K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1505832372&sr=8-3&keywords=fozzy+judas



You've heard this before. Excellent song.






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1.  Judas  

2.  Drinkin With Jesus  

3.  Painless  

4.  Weight of My World  

5.  Wordsworth Way  

6.  Burn Me Out  

7.  Three Days in Jail  

8.  Elevator  

9.  Running With the Bulls  

10.  Capsized  

11.  Wolves At Bay  












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This isn't a bad album , the guys voice grates on me quite a bit though ,  I kept thinking that a lot of the songs could of been great with a better vocalist , but still an enjoyable enough listen

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Yep, I agree. Really not a bad album at all. They have a good sound, and there's good songs on here. 'Painless' and 'Wordsworth Way' were my faves. Not too much greatness... but a good solid hard rock/metal album. 

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Never really got in to Fozzy.
I remember they did a covers album which was well received.
At the time they started moving on seriously, their style of music I was gravitating away from a bit.
Surprised they're still going along. I always thought it was a bit of fun from a wrestler lol

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This is the album that opened my eyes to the more modern style of metal. Whilst Jericho can't be said to be a great singer, he certainly fits the bands sound and does a very good job on this album. 

There are a lot of good songs on here and my favourites are


Drinking With Jesus




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    • Don't know what to make of that one. Not bad. 
    • That one is okay, but doesn't have me rushing to pre-order.
    • Hahaha the video is sad. Agree with the comments above, it must be his first ever video. Only the drummer looks cool in the video. That said, the most important thing is the song..and it is a very nice song. Ya again as you guys mentioned the chorus could have been better coz the verses are perfect but it is what it is...I ll take it.
    • No, it's definitely not. For the record, though; looking beyond what the media jams down your throat, I don't personally find him misogynistic to a degree that offends me at all; I sure as hell don't find him to be racist (seems like it's the go-to tag for someone who might just call a thing or two for what it is from time to time). As for being a liar... probably true, and that's different to absolutely zero politicians in all of history. Anyway, I agree... not the time or place. I actually hate politics and rubbish political discussions. But I hate the media more and I hate just going along with an opinion without thinking about it for yourself even more than the media!   
    • I can't for the life of me understand how someone can have any time for  a misogynistic, racist c*nt, who's a pathological liar, with so many skeletons in his closet that a plague burial ground would look threadbare in comparison. It has nothing to do with  sheep mentality. It has to do with having sound values in life.  But, we'd better leave it there, because this isn't a politics forum.     
    • Phenomena - The Complete Works (3 CD) The Answer - Raise A Little Hell (2 CD) The Answer - Revival (2 CD) Black Star Riders - The Killer Instinct (2 CD) The Amorettes - White Hot Heat Circle II Circle - The Middle Of Nowhere + 1 Crystal Pistol - s/t
    • Agreed. But if you have a view that makes you look really stupid and is something to be embarrassed about, probably best just to keep it to yourself and sing about vaginas instead. For example, if you follow a religion the worst thing in the world you can do, imo, is publicise it... especially in a song. It just makes you look stupid.  In. My opinion, of course. But it's the same with that stupid Kryptonite song, which is preaching to forsake all sense of logic and just allow every human being into everywhere. Australia only has 25 million people? WHAT?! Even though you can't move in the fucking place, let's let everyone in and have 50 million by the week's end!!! says mr singer of Kryptonite. Well I never had an issue with the guy at all in the past, but now I look at him different - in an irritating, stupid kind of way. Anyway, to each their own. Everyone's got their own view n' stuff, but it just seems to sound even more stupid in a song if you have a view that is very polarising.  As for my percentage on who has a problem or not with Trump... I agree. I probably did get that wrong. Much more than 50% of people are sheep and follow what their favourite celebrity or the media is telling them without actually thinking for themselves. For the record, I don't really have much of an opinion on Trump because I don't care enough about it all to get involved. But I definitely like him more than I dislike him and think the outcry against him is just a pathetic banquet of sheep falling over themselves to fit in. Personally.
    • 50 % (50+ even!)have no issue with Trump? Seriously doubt those numbers, but ok, then the lyrics shouldn't bother them either. It only bothers those who like him, I would say.  The arts is a great way to express ideas, ideals etc. Artists shouldn't censor themselves just because some might disagree.  To only listen/read/talk to stuff/people you agree with is stupid. 

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