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    • Redlight Fever - Venom
    • Mine arrived yesterday with Bloody Heels,I haven't listened to the latter yet,will do tonight,but this one sounds great,really like it and it could be an album of the year contender for me personally,will make the chart for sure one way or another.
    • "Gates Of Hell" sounded like classic Sykes... fingers crossed we get it...at some point  
    • My thoughts exactly re the logo.    I don’t dislike the singer at all but I did also think the songs would benefit from having some more b*llocks to them vocally. 
    • New lyric video for 'Shivering Hands'.    
    • That Raider logo is so Winger “In The Heart of the Young” era.        To be honest the vocals are the weak link...three cool tracks but the singer doesn’t have a ballsy enough tone for the tracks. 
    • New lyric video for 'I'll Never Give My Heart Away'.    
    • This will be a long ass list,I'm 25 but I'm crazy for 80s,early 90's melodic rock/AOR/Westcoast/Glam/Hard n heavy: Dare - Runaway FM - Dream that died Warrant - Thin disguise Kiss - My way Dokken - Lightning strikes again Giant - I'll be there when it's over Slaughter - You are the one White lion - Living on the edge Cinderella - Take me back Nelson - Bits and pieces Steelheart - all your love Tesla - Changes Alias - Heroes Helloween - March of time GNR - Locomotive Tyketto - Burning down inside Journey - Suzanne Van Halen - Judgement day Cheap trick - Back n blue Stryper - Holding on White heart - Love calling Glass tiger - Ecstasy Roxus - This time China - Won't give it up The Outfield - Winning it all Bon Jovi - Stick to your guns Poison - Life loves a tragedy AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas Magnum - You're the one Harem Scarem - Hard to love Alice Cooper - Snakebite Strangeways - Talk to me Asia - Feels like love Heavens Edge - Come play the game Winger - Battle stations Walk on fire - Hearts of gold Gotthard - You Drive she said - Hold on WASP - I'm alive Keel - Calm before the storm House of lords - Call my name Skid row - Forever Alien - Now love Signal - Arms of a stranger Y&T - Anytime at all Treat - One way to glory Gun - Long road Danger danger - feels like love Kane Roberts - It's only over for you Firehouse - Helpless Whitesnake - Looking for love Boulevard - Under the moonlight Victory - Standing on the edge of time TNT - As far as the eye can see Toto - Home of the brave Survivor - I see you in everyone Lillian axe - Dyin to live Foreigner - Hand on my heart 38 Special - Midnight magic Eddie Money - Run right back Toys of joy - Can't get nobody else Airkraft - Tonight Bang tango - Midnight struck Trixter - Nobody's a hero Triumph - Carry on the flame Europe - Halfway to heaven Cutting crew - Sahara Tigertailz - Action city Shooting star - Believe in me Heartland - Paradise Restless heart - Wheels Noiseworks - Day will come Queensryche - The mission Bad Company - Little angel Bonfire - Take my heart and run Pretty maids - Know it ain't easy Enuff z nuff - These days              
    • New EP ‘Tokyo’ coming next Friday 17th. Physical copies to be released shortly after.    1. Tokyo 2. Going Down 3. Boys Will Be Boys 4. Begging For More Samples sounds good! 
    • Choruses like this make  Jesus an atheist...
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