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    • We are none believers on opposite ends of the spectrum, you are one by way of experience and life lessons, I just never bought into any of it, as young as I can remember getting drug into Mormon church as a child, listening at like age 5, thinking am I the only one who thinks this shit sounds a little suspect, of course thru the Mormons excellent shame based teachings, I was terrified to tell anyone that, but I have your answer, Rod Hertz, free will, that's why good decent people go down in flames, while evil motherfuckers live high on the hog, but if God can't do anything for you, what's the point in believing in him? It goes back to perspective, if something good happens, you can accept it for what it is, the weight of circumstances, or immediately attribute it to God and pass it off, so my question is, how come God only gets credit for the good shit that happens? 
    • I think I tried them once and it wasn't for me. Not even sure which disc it was. Somebody was selling a christian cd collection and I bought almost all of them. Petra didn't make the cut. I did grab the first 3 Angelica, Shout, Bloodgood, Mass, Guardian, and Saint. Barren Cross too.  What is their top disc to check out Petra girlie.
    • Man.... this was one of the best blind purchases ever. Not sure if I had seen "Coyote Morning" on Headbanger's Ball before I bought this or not. But I know I was totally hooked on this!! I do remember buying this and Total Eclipse at the same time. Thank God this was so good because that funk-flavored garbage on TE was horrible! JESSE STRANGE should've been huge!! So underrated!! For anybody who hasn't heard this, BUY IT NOW!! Some of my favorites:            
    • Damn it, that's my line!  LOL
    • Add to the list. Off the top of my head HOL Harem Scarem H.e.a.t One Desire Black Swan Calateral Passion Steecity Tango Down  
    • Ant Man & The Wasp  Yea I know its been out a while, but I hadn't the time and its on Netflix so I bit. These Ant Man films are harmless fun with mega budgets and SPOILER ALERT the second installment t's up future films...
    • Did I miss this thread? Happy fuckin' days!!
    • How do you even choose between the two??
    • Looking forward to this!!! Man, I love One Direction. Their song Larger than Life is second only to Bye Bye Bye.
    • 'Midnight Empire' to be released early next year. From FB: Announcement! One Desire New Album and European Tour 2020! The new album is called “Midnight Empire”. It’s a bomb and it drops first quarter of 2020. We have been working really hard the whole year and the mixes are next to done. Midnight Empire will be mastered in 2 weeks. We love it and we think it’s the perfect follow up to the debut. One Desire is heading out on a big European Tour in 2020 starting March 6th (UK) London. We are joining our friends in The Night Flight Orchestra and it will be an awesome spectacle. More info to be followed.. Stay tuned! Happy Independence Day Finland! 102 years 6.12.1917
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