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R.I.P. Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)


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Dead at 41. Hung himself.




Sad... I actually liked a lot of their stuff, especially the more melodic material.


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I don't think I could even name a single Linkin Park song but 41 is way too young to go. R.I.P.

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Hybrid Theory remains a classic album in my book. They were great live too. Another one gone too soon...another victim of depression.



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R.I.P. Chester.

Always enjoyed Linkin Park and Glen's right, Hybrid Theory was/is a classic.


It amazes me how powerfully dark depression can be. Scary really.

I guess instead of judging, we should be very grateful that we're not in it's grip.

As i said, scary stuff.

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Yes tragic indeed.


He leaves behind a legacy of powerful music and 6 kids...


Seems as mentioned the depression got the best of him. However it also seems he had a plan as he emulated his hero Chris Cornell and cemented his homage to the grunge god on Chris' birthday no less.


As mentioned about the band Linkin Park, which wasn't for everyone, but Hybrid Theory is still a fave and my daughter was really getting into some of the newer mellower stuff. Never foget how good they were live supporting Hybrid Theory and watching Chester scream SOOOOOOO much that he actually threw up. Sure there is a sound chance he was partaking in libations as well but... Still have my signed ticket stub about some place.


RIP young man, I hope you put as much (or more) thought into your kids affairs as you did to the planning of your demise.

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Oh, holy shit. This is some big news I missed on my holiday. Wow. Young, and still an active and "relevant" artist. Definitely wouldn't have picked that one coming.


I wouldn't say I love LP, but I've followed them to some degree since the 'Hybrid Theory' album, and have heard all the others. That's their best, obviously, and after that I guess the 'Meteora' album is decent, but it's actually Chester's one-off side-project Dead By Sunrise which is the second best thing he ever did, easily, after the first LP album.


The Dead By Sunrise album is a very fine modern rock album, showcasing his clean and good rock vocals. I was always disappointed it was only a one-off album. No chance of that changing now...


Rest in peace.

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