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H.E.A.T - Into The Great Unknown

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23 minutes ago, simo said:

This might be going a bit too far but..... Hey Everyone Anal Tonight hahahaha


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New interview with Jona talking about Live At Sweden Rock Festival and a few tidbits on the new album coming soon.  As for Sweden Rock Festival CD/Blu Ray, I'm digging it.  But I prefer the Live In London release for the audio.  The Blu Ray is cool though.  It's well done and nice to see them on a big stage playing in front of a big crowd.


One excerpt about the new album:

Jona:  So anyway the next album is certainly inspired more by us being on the road and I guess more heavy and more rocking in a way. It’s a bland of ‘Tearing Down the Walls’ and ‘Address the Nation’ but with aspects of ‘Great Unknown’ in there too. We also looked back at our first album, but the songs here are really strong in my opinion. I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but it’s gonna be really cool. It’s like the 80’s influence is there for sure but the live influence is really big if that makes sense?

Sounding pretty good to me :)

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