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Info needed to complete these CD submissions - HH

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There are quite a few HH appropriate CDs out there that haven't been added to the database simply because the info for these CDs is not readily available online.

This thread will serve to highlight many of those CDs, and if you can fill in the missing pieces, please help out, and the CDs will be added!


To start us off....




Summer's Reign - Still Rockin' 1990 Last Resort Records
Hard Rock (USA)
1. Faded Memories 3:35
2. Get Out And Dance 3:15
3. Bumper Sticker 3:56
4. Fast Cars And Women 3:35
5. MTV Is All Our Minds 4:25
6. Ricky's Bad 2:45
7. Babe I Love You 3:30
8. Running Nowhere 3:25
9. Run For The Sun
Need members/instruments
Catalog # if one exists
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Cry Wolfe - Promised Land 1996 AOR
White Records (3) ‎– 74321 33222 2
1 Promised Land (So He Would Fly...)
2 Like the Colours of the Rainbow
3 Endless Time
4 You've Got It All
5 I Had a Dream
6 Stay Tonight
7 Branded by Your Love
8 From the Bottom to the Top
9 Play the Game
10 A Piano on the Stage
Need members/insruments
Confirm musical style
Band's home country?
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Mesenger - Getaway 1994 AOR USA

Aerial View Music 01. The Need, 02. I Want Mine, 03. Illusion Street, 04. Money Rules, 05. Getaway


Need members/instruments

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