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ACCEPT - The Rise Of Chaos (2017)


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Published on Jun 2, 2017

From New Album, ''The Rise Of Chaos'', - Release: August 4th, 2017 by Nuclear Blast.



Mark Tornillo - Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann - Guitars
Uwe Lulis - Guitars
Peter Baltes - Bass
Christopher Williams - Drums






Official Site:












YouTube Official:




Nuclear Blast:


(Europe) http://www.nuclearblast.de/de/


(America) http://www.nuclearblastusa.com/

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Pretty good tune (minus the glitches from the upload itself). The band has been on a nice roll since Mark joined the band. Hopefully this new one is as strong as the last three albums.

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Wow. Just checking in, but still definitely nothing I like about that. Who'd have thunk they could have found a vocalist as bad as that other dude? The ad when they were looking for a new singer must surely have stipulated: "Must be a terrible vocalist."

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Continuing the post-reunion run of albums that has firmly re-established ACCEPT as modern guardians of old-school values, new album "The Rise Of Chaos" is unlikely to attract those who remain impervious to the atavistic truth of heavy metal, but Maiden and Priest aside, it’s hard to think of another band of this vintage that hit the bull’s-eye with such consistency.


Once again produced to speaker-flattening perfection by Andy Sneap, this latest batch of Teutonic anthems is easily their strongest since 2010’s Blood Of The Nations.


Opener 'Die By The Sword' (not a Slayer cover, incidentally) and the pummelling 'Hole In The Head' set the tone, with countless thrillingly brutish riffs and moments of sublime melodic showmanship from evergreen lead guitarist Wolf Hoffmann, before the title track briskly encapsulates the whole Accept experience via five minutes of timeless and towering old-school muscle.


The rest, from the wonderfully goofy 'Koolaid' to epic finale, 'Race To Extinction', are equally exhilarating and further proof, as if it were needed, that in ACCEPT hands traditional metal is alive, kicking and as exciting as ever.


Yeah, short review, let the music do the talking.


You won't get better true metal than this these days.


Highly Recommended


01 - Die by the Sword
02 - Hole in the Head
03 - The Rise of Chaos
04 - Koolaid
05 - No Regrets
06 - Analog Man
07 - What's Done Is Done
08 - Worlds Colliding
09 - Carry the Weight
10 - Race to Extinction


Mark Tornillo – vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
Peter Baltes – bass
Uwe Lullis – guitar
Christopher Williams – drums


Pre Order:

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this latest batch of Teutonic anthems is easily their strongest since 2010’s Blood Of The Nations.

Agreed. :beerbang:

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Blood of the Nations was in my top 5 and Blind Rage top 20 during those respective years. This is a good album, but for me it isn't quite as strong as their last couple. The songs contain some monster riffs and these guys have put out some of the best straight ahead metal over the last decade.  So, if you are a fan of the genre I recommend checking this out.

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