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Kee Of Hearts (Kee Marcello/Tommy Heart) - s/t


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From Frontiers:


BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of KEE OF HEARTS, a new band project built around two true melodic rock superstars: Tommy Heart, singer of Fair Warning and Kee Marcello, former Europe guitarist!

With a line-up rounded out by Ken Sandin (ex-ALIEN) on bass and Italian drummer Marco Di Salvia (PINO SCOTTO), the guys started working on the album in late 2016. With their songwriting strongly focused on melodic rock songs, the album came to completion under the direction of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and covers a wide spectrum of styles with a lot of attention given to crafting great hooks delivered by musicians that know how to deliver the goods!

Musically, the band operates in a territory defined by Scandinavian AOR meeting German melodic hard rock with influences from the classic U.S. AOR giants (think Giant, Journey, etc.).

All in all, an unmissable release and a highlight of the melodic rock scene! The album is planned for release in the late summer.

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Could be interesting. I'll give it a go.


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  • My Little Pony

The dreaded 'P' word coming out of Frontiers again -_-

But every band is a project.

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I don't mind the name. At all.


You are very well versed in liking horrible things.

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Not bad



Sounds pretty good to me.





1. The Storm

2. A New Dimension

3. Crimson Dawn

4. Bridge To Heaven

5. Stranded

6. Mama Don’t Cry

7. Invincible

8. S.O.S.

9. Edge Of Paradise

10. Twist Of Fate

11. Learn To Love Again

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Sounds good but is it just me or does Tommy Heart have a whole Steve Lee vibe goin in more ways than one?

Yes he does

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The arrangement and melody in the chorus of The Storm is excellent actually.....just a shame that the lyrics are utter bollocks so I'll probably never listen to it again. Shame :(


A New Dimension is solid but sounds like a bit of a pace killer at track 2?? I'd have it around track 7 or 8.


Might give this a look though when its released.

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I like it

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Yeah, they sound pretty good.

Still hate the name, but I guess I'll have to deal.

I worry that his voice (tone, tempo etc) won't change at all during all of the songs and I'll get bored.

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