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CYANIDE 4 - Nekyia (2017)


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from various internet sources:


Some time ago this blog featured the previous album from CYANIDE 4, and now they have unleashed the new effort "Nekyia" via Perris Records, where the quartet clearly grew up both in songwriting and performances.


While Cyanide 4 stick to the formula of Euro sleaze from their origins, on "Nekyia" the band is much more focused on catchiness adding a melodic hard rock approach to the songs. Even their image has changed in favor to a more 'hard rock look'.


Opener 'Restless' is a riotous sleaze uptempo rocker with Crashdiet as reference, but right on track 2 'Rock 'n' Roll Hero' the anthemic intention appear with a chorus in the early Crazy Lixx style.


'She-Mystery Girl' has an obvious Shotgun Messiah feel to it but this is a good thing in my book. G.A. Sinn has improved a lot in his way of sing, and on this track the swagger is if full form.


'Lucky 13' is quite commercial with a Hardcore Superstar-like groove, then 'A Light Among Darkness' is more Americanized (early Vain) with a melodic hard rock touch.


'Getaway' is one of the strongest tracks plenty of intense riffs, while closer 'Love Me When I'm Dead' is fast, groovy, with stinging guitars and a nice slow break in the middle, plus a pinch of Scandinavian melodies somehow like Dynazty's first album.




Melodic hard sleaze are not only a Swedish exclusivity anymore, as this band from Greece are labelled as one of the most promising bands from the genre in the current European scene.


Extensive touring, including opening slots for Lizzy Borden, Scorpions, Crashdiet, W.A.S.P., etc, has paved its dividends as Cyanide 4 sounds really confident on this new album "Nekyia".


Solid stuff.


01 - Restless
02 - Rock 'n' Roll Hero
03 - She-Mystery Girl
04 - Incinerate
05 - Lucky 13
06 - A Light Among Darkness
07 - Amphetamine Dreams
08 - Getaway
09 - Fading Memories
10 - Love Me When I'm Dead


G.A SINN: vocals, rhythm guitar
DYAN MAIR: lead guitar






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Doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the write-up, but I'll give it a go.

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