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Beg Borrow & Steal - Push And Shove - lost album (limited release)


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Not sure how many people have heard of the female fronted hard rock band Beg Borrow & Steal formed by x-Preview drummer Ed Bettinelli and produced by Sir Arthur Payson. The album was recorded in the early '90's after the band was signed by RCA. There were some promo tapes issued, so there have been a few tracks floating around, but to my knowledge next weeks release will be the first time the whole album will be seeing an official release. I have two songs from those promo tapes below.




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Well that's sounding good. It's such a shit thing when a quality finished product like that gets shelved. Must be so completely heartbreaking for the band, to be so close and to have it fall through at the last minute. Looking forward to hearing this thing for sure.

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Sounds great to me.


Beg Borrow & Steal: Lauralei Combs (vocals); Jack Johnson (guitars, background vocals); Bradley Hallen (bass); Eddie Bettinelli (drums, percussion).Additional personnel: Jeffery (CJ) Vanston (keyboards); Jeff Scott Soto, Devon Meade, Diana Grasselli, Niki Haris, Jean Marie McClain, John Fiore (background vocals).Recorded at The Music Grinder Studios, Hollywood, California.




Track Listing
1. Nikki
2. Step-Back
3. Angels Never Sing
4. A Simple Heart
5. Hide
6. Shake
7. No Reason Why
8. When I Gave You My Heart
9. Deep Down Dirty
10. Heart's on Fire

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Mine arrived today and for me its pretty damn good,just like the afforementioned Saraya and at times Lauralei Combs sounds just like Ann Wilson from Heart,for me Shake is the best track on show :)

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Wow!! I like what I hear on this one. I just wish it was easier to get these "Lost US Jewel" releases. Everybody seems to charge a pretty penny for them. My wife has had a lot of health issues lately and money has been tight. I'm finding it hard to shell more than $12-$15 for a cd. Amazon has been a great place to pick stuff up because the prices have been cheaper (usually $10-$12 a cd) but these releases aren't available through there.

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