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Degreed - Life Love Loss/We Don't Belong


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While waiting for the new album, here's a chance to get their first 2 releases (if you don't already have them). With bonus stuff and autographs.

I ordered a copy the other day.







Degreed - Double CD (Life Love Loss/We Don't Belong) Signed by the band $12.99 ON SALE




This Cd is signed by the band.

1. Cd 1:

2. B.o.d
3. Arms Of Misery
4. A Little Bit
5. Captured By The Moment
6. Just Imagine
7. Story Of Life
8. Human Being?
9. Color Me
10. Catch The Feeling
11. Keep Me Alive
12. My Fall
13. By Your Side
14. Constant
15. Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)

16. Cd 2:

17. Black Cat
18. What If
19. In For The Ride
20. Inside Of Me
21. Follow Her
22. Blind Hearted
23. Here I Am
24. Access Denied
25. Coming Home
26. We Don't Belong
27. Just Another Heartache (re-master)
28. Saving My Soul (re-master)
29. What If (acoustic)

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Good call. I just ordered one, as well as a bunch of other titles there. Even with roughly US$3.50 per title shipping from Sweden, the total is considerably less than the cheapest prices on eBay or Amazon.

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