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New singers in bands


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Which bands have changed singers (for whatever reason) and still managed to keep your interest?

Which bands changed their singer and then lost your interest?


I'll start with a few

Warrant (provoked me to start this thread) - Not the same as with Jani. Miss his brilliance, but still produce decent music which is a step above most bands.


Judas Priest - never was a big fan. I appreciate some of their bigger hits, Living After midnight, Turbo Lover, etc but for some reason I picked up a Ripper Owens disc and loved it.I should pull it again and have a listen.


Quiet Riot - Was always Kevin for me. Maybe this new guy will do OK, but so far it's been hard to really do anything after QRIII for me.


Motley Crue - Corabi CD was great. They should have moved ahead with him. Not much of any real note came after him from the Crue, a few good songs, but that's about it.


Van Halen - Not a huge DLR fan, but some of his VH stuff is great. Sammy was amazing. Cherone sucked.





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The most obvious one has always been how much better Britny Fox sounded with Tommy Paris on vocals.

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Well the most obvious ones are


Iron Maiden changing to Dickinson....the rest is history

Journey changing to Perry

Black Sabbath changing to Dio and recording their best 2 albums

AC/DC changing to Johnson



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Two changes I really liked....Van Halen with Sammy and H.e.a.t with Erik Gronwall.


It seems like the majority of the time though it goes the other way and I don't like the changes.

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VH- 2 different bands to me , LOVE both, but will always choose DLR era if had to
AC/DC both good
Britny Fox, like both, but choose the first 2 albums over the 3rd
Journey, really? I think we know the answer to that one
Motley Crue, I like the s/t, BUT LOVE the first 5
DIO was the man in any band he was in!!!

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A change for the better


Survivor with Jimi Jamieson

Dream Theater getting James Labrie

Zak Stevens for Jon Oliva in Savatage



Band is awesome no matter the singer


Danger Danger


Saigon Kick

VH (minus VH 3)




Changes that ruined the band for me


Skid Row


TNT with Tony Mills

Lillian Axe (more Steve Blaze's fault rather than new vox)

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