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Tagging feature - is it an easy feature to add?


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Just wondered; I know there is the 'quote' option (&multiquote) but sometimes that can make what I intend as a 'reply' to someone's comment or music choice into a long scrolling down the page exercise and it does mean that sometimes I won't bother responding.


Now I know Facebook has been dissed in some threads here (&with good reason) but one feature it does have which is useful is the tagging one so you get a little notification if someone has responded specifically to one of your posts on a thread.


Maybe it already exists on here and I've missed it (as I am a bit technologically challenged - still haven't figured out why sometimes my youtube links will show the image of the video and others it will just have the URL). But if it doesn't exist & it's an easy extra to add, do you think it's something members would find useful?

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Cheers AOR, will try that.

Have got a feeling I've done it before though and I'll get a note someone has posted but if it's on a thread like the Song of the Day one, if I post a question about a particular song that someone has shared, there could have been loads of new posts since and the question can get drowned out and missed by the member it was directed at.


Not sure if I'm making much sense here. Ah, I know ... I posted a comment specifically to you earlier about your perfect song choices. If lots of people have posted since, would you have noticed that I had asked it?

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Not only can you follow specific threads (in which case as mentioned above, any replies to the thread by anyone will send you an email letting you know that someone has posted), but you can also follow entire subforums, so any new threads in that forum will also send you an email.



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