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Cheap Trick - We're All Alright


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New Cheap Trick album out June 16th. 2 albums in a year and sounding as good as ever. Superb band




The guitar-powered track, one of the band’s toughest in years, came during a spurt of activity for Cheap Trick that found itself reinvigorated following last year’s LP release and theirinduction into the rock 'n roll hall of fame.

“We always write, but it’s more fun to write for a project and write for a reason,” guitarist Rick Nielsen told Billboard. “We have a company that believes in us, and they like the work and they’re letting us make more records, which is cool. Making records is one of the ambitions we’ve always had. I don’t think the desire has ever gone away.”

You can seen the full track listing for the LP below.

We’re All Alright! — a reference to Cheap Trick’s 1978 classic “Surrender” — was produced by Julian Raymond, who also worked on Bang, Zoom, Crazy … Hello. The album features 10 songs, with 13 on the deluxe edition, including a cover of the Move’s “Blackberry Way”; they previously covered that band’s “California Man” on Heaven Tonigh Some of the tracks — like “Radio Lover,” “Lolita” and “She’s Alright” — are leftovers from earlier projects that never got recorded.

The rest of the set comes from recent material cranked out by the band during their recent studio sessions. And Cheap Trick isn’t done yet. Nielsen said there be another new album coming next year. “Starting in May, we’re going back in the studio,” he said. “There’s stuff around and there’s some ideas that never did get fleshed out, which we hope to. It’s exciting.”

Cheap Trick, ‘We’re All Alright!’ Track Listing

You Got It Going On
Long Time Coming
Radio Lover
Brand New Name on an Old Tattoo
Floating Down
She’s Alright
Listen to Me

The Rest of My Life


Bonus Songs on Deluxe Version

Blackberry Way
Like a Fly
If You Still Want My Love


First Single 'Long Time Coming'



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The song is cool and I love that they're releasing another album so soon. And maybe even another one next year? It's great to see one of my favorite bands feeling so energized.


Yeah, completely. The last album was superb and this promises to carry on where that left off. For a bunch of old dudes, they are proving that they are still relevant in this day and age. Can't wait to hear the rest of the new album.

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Not a bad tune; not really drawing me in to try these guys again, though.

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Slowly breaking this one in and there are some great tracks in there.

Brand New Name on an Old Tattoo caught my attention most so far.

Basically it's Cheap Trick. Who'd have thunk it . As a fan I'm super happy after 2 or 3 spins.

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This is maybe even better than 'Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello' from last year and that made my number one spot..absolutely blinding album

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