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Ratchet Dolls - Damaged


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Ratchet Dolls - Damaged


01. Highway Hypnosis
02. Queen Foxxy (Sacrifice)
03. Blackout (Bad Situation)
04. Bring You Down
05. In My Mind
06. Caught in the Light
07. Insane
08. Sex Game
09. Sugar Sweet
10. Sunset Stripper
11. Reality

I know some these songs aren't new but it seems that they finally released the CD. Below are some of the older songs found on the CD.



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I have their EP....they are good! Some of their stuff reminds of Shotgun Messiah and bands of that style. Recommended!

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Not bad at all, but as mentioned, shame about the shit sound quality.

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Yeah, sound quality was fine, but I just didn't really connect with the album overall. All the songs were solid - at the 7/10 kind of mark - but nothing at all stood out from the pack. I kept waiting, and hoping they'd take at least one song to the next level... that something would stand out. But nothing did. Just a solid, consistent album, but I need a few highlight personally. At least one "go-to" song. :(

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