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Tony Mills (Ex-Shy, Ex-TNT) new single


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What's going on here? Two very good songs now. Am I seriously going to find myself looking forward to a Tony Mills CD? I never thought I'd see the day, but no denying this is sounding really good.

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Album out September 1 (Battlegod Productions)




01. Scars
02. When the Lights Go Down
03. Battleground
04. Dream On
05. Legacy
06. Weighing Me Down
07. The Art of Letting Go
08. Battleground
09. When We Were Young
10. Storm Warning
11. Seventh Wonder

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Sounds like this will be his best and most melodic/commercial solo album!

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This is the correct track list:


01. Scars - 05:00
02. When The Lights Go Down - 04.43
03. Legacy - 04.10
04. Battleground - 04.35
05. Dream On - 04.03
06. Weighing Me Down - 05.01
07. When We Were Young - 03.53
08. The Art Of Letting Go - 03.31
09. Storm Warning - 03.53
10. Seventh Wonder - 04.32
The weekend's almost done and I'm spinning non stop 1-2-4! :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:
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Yeah I'm also loving this and I'm as surprised as Geoff because I've never been a fan of his solo stuff,his voice sometimes bugs me like when he teamed up with the Frontline guys for state of rock,but the Shy stuff from excess & misspent was classic for me back in the day...hit & miss for me...but this is Hit :)

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His voice annoys me :(

Agreed but he aint as whiny sounding on this
I've listened to it on Spotify - still annoys me :(


This, coming from a fan of Fish, almost sounds like a compliment :tumbsup:

But im a fan of 5 of the best progressive rock albums of all time. The vocals fit perfectly.


Unfortunately this album is not one of the 5 best melodic rock albums of all time. And yes his vocals are still annoying.



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I don't like his voice one iota, but it actually hasn't bothered me at all on this album. It's the best thing he's ever been involved with outside of Shy, no doubt in the world. It's a good album.

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