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Whoops! Unintentionally skipped this part and started posting comm


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I think you might find it's the other way around. If you were to ask the members on this site, they'd likely tell you I am one of the more chill posters (maybe even poser ;}) here.

All adds to the fun!
Truu. I often have to find my own excitement. Sadly, trolling Aussies seems to do it for me.

Is that really the way you see yourself? A "chill poser?" You're definitely a poussuer - no doubt about that. And I guess you think because you listen to funk and that solo artist, Jamiroquai, that you're in some way "chill?" Ha, you poussueuer.


How can you relax when you're constantly dreading what happens when you meet Jesus and he's all like, 'Hey man, what's up with you drinking all those IPA's? Don't you know drinking alcohol is prohibited by the Lord and me. I hate you. You've been a bad christian. You're not allowed into Heaven because I think you swore once on that music forum too. Sorry you wasted your life being christian."


'Cause you know he's got his eye on you, man. Stop chilling so much and fear your lord.


And fight me.

Had me looking up "pousseur" which I believe is what you meant.


Oh, and Jesus don't care about that, 'cause he swore, and his first miracle was turning water into wine. So I think I'm good. ;}



Ha, is there something to look up? I just remember seeing variations of it used back in the old Kerrang days and it's always stuck with me. I always think it describes people like you better than just the word "poser." Pousseur, poussuer... I don't really mind which version you use. Wear it with pride.


With regard to your Jesus facts, you might want to ask your christian buddies about that. The Jesus I know, love, adore and live for does not want me to drink alcohol, swear, think bad thoughts, have intercourse and breath. So get your facts right, man. Jesus hates and condemns everything you do. That's why I love and respect him so much.

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Dude, thanks I'm pretty much exactly the same as you on Everything expect for I'm probably younger than you, and I only really like 80s rock and 80s Christian rock but if its a good song I'm willing to make an exception. Okay I'll go introduce myself in my own topic.

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