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Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum, 46 years young and live in the state of Florida (U.S.). I’ve been collecting albums (on vinyl, cassette and cd) since the early 80’s. I look forward to getting to know you and discussing bands, albums, and concerts. Here are some of my favorite bands/artists:

TNT, Dokken, Lillian Axe, Harem Scarem, L.A. Guns, Motley Crue, Victory, Casanova, Sargant Fury, Treat, Pretty Maids, Saigon Kick, Danger Danger, Winger, Jeff Scott Soto, Johnny Gioeli, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, UFO, Van Halen, Queen, Dream Theater, Riot, and Savatage

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Welcome! \m/

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  • My Little Pony

Shirts are optional, pants must go!


That pretty much covers all the rules.

Welcome to the asylum. It's Friday, so crack a beer or two, already!



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Welcome! I'm a new member too and circumvented the system as I hadn't spotted this 'Introduction' thread (whoops I'd better go and start a thread for that). It's certainly a fun forum

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    • $100? With a title? That's a steal and a half. Heck, even without a title you could make a decent amount just parting it out. 
    • MHR with a Country twang. I've always loved the "Tattoo Rodeo" debut, especially these two.      
    • So just announced. Because of 6 new cases, 2 of which are as yet untraced, our whole srate of victoria, population, 6.5 million people,is going into lockdown #6. This time for at least a week...  
    • Cher vs Michael Bolton. Both versions of both tracks are exceptional, but i've gotta go with MB for the win. Cher's 80s stuff is very underrated with regards to AOR. She was quite the Rock chick back then. I haven't delved into it, but is anyone else aware of any other songs they share?            
    • Saw all 4 of their releases on Discogs. 2 demo tapes and The Greatest Album In the History of Music (CD) from 1996 and then the S/T from 99'. None available last I checked and I can't find the band online or FB or???   I was fortunate enough to nab the first cd last week off Evilbay for a paltry $13 buxx so i snagged it. Its mint with a hotline card in it, which is funny enough. In digging the band has a song on The Bride of Frank. Well their song Young & Fabulous runs over the credits of the film so I have read.   And yes those tapes have some solid songs on them and the TGAITHOM doesn't have any of those covers on it. Here is hoping I find more of this stuff as its "fabulous" and as I mentioned the Upper Crust has always been one of my favorite bands, they too do this shit right.
    • Nice one mate. I'll always think of you when I hear this. You've gotta make this the "Christening" track when you get it up and running.     
    • No he took all that shit out, it was shit out of his basement that flooded last Saturday when his sprinklers broke, LOL, I said a hundred bucks or not, I don't want all that shit in it, he laughed and said he'd go get his wife and daughter to take it out, and I was like good call cause im not taking it out, I just barely got it home, tow trailers are the way to go, I always just use a strap and a 2nd driver(never let a girl be the rear driver) or the front now I think of it, I didn't even need anyone else, think If It was a usual necessity I would buy one, but I'm stoked as hell, I did try backing it into my garage, that would have been better with a 2nd person, but I ended up just putting it in the driveway and pushing into the garage. Fuck that's the best shit that's happened to me since 78
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