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Hello, I'm replacing a former member


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Hi, there all! George here. I've been around for maybe a month or two now. Like what is written on the Topic Title, I'm replacing a former member here. He's Nelson. The two CDs that I just submitted (Playground Fatalities and Wing N' A Prayer) were his. He was the one who recommended me to this site. I don't think he's into CD hunting anymore. I know he's into watches now. But I am just starting to get into this CD hunting craziness though I don't know if I can still find some good ones as of now, most pawnshop and 2nd hand CD stores don't have that much interesting titles anymore. Anyway, I'm glad that I was referred to this site. Happy to be here.


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  • My Little Pony

Well, this site is so much more than just CD hunting, so you should tell your buddy to come back.


Also, welcome George. I hope you find this place welcoming. Some of us are assholes (particularly Geoff and I) but most are decent. ;}

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Welcome mate and don't listen to KarpetRyd, he's a good guy.

Although he is right about Geoff.


Ouch. That's a bit nazzty. What on earth would make you say something like that? A "good guy...?" Seriously?


Anyway, welcome George. Good to have you on board. Get nude and whack your schlong on a vase by the door. Don't worry, Karpetface will clean it up for you.

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Welcome....Maybe we should add a WATCH section to up the user base and appeal to the kids...Umm oldies...Whatever!

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