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Funny Story Of The Day


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My funny story of the day:

I am a little low on cash so I decide to go to the ATM. The one I use is normally pretty busy. As I walked up, I noticed only a gray haired old lady in a pink dress in front of me. I wait patiently as she makes her transaction. I noticed she has matching pink shoes on. I chuckle to myself. So she's finished and turns around....... OMG.... it's a dude with a huge beard. I almost pissed my pants.



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A coworker of mine has this thing where he leaves out the H when saying words with TH. I'm in Switzerland so nobody's English is perfect, no problem with that but his thing becomes funny everytime he's on the phone and says ''third''..... makes it sound like turd HAHAHA :D


So when he refers to this company called Third Point... turns into Turd Point


Or twenty turds instead of twenty-third LOL


I crack up every single time and people at the office ask what's wrong but I can't tell them

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The big question is what restroom would he use.

How would like to have that standing next to you at a urinal.

Reminds me a time when me and few of my mates and girl friends went to checkout a band at Prince of Wales. The night finished early when one of girl friends was run out of the restroom, cause there was a gentleman doing up his bra.

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