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Radiation Romeos - s/t


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BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of RADIATION ROMEOS self-titled debut album on June 2, 2017!

Radiation Romeos is a new band formed by the amazing singer Parramore “Perry” McCarty, best known for being the frontman of legendary US metal act Warrior and famed Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens' solo project, Atomic Playboys (in fact, the inspiration for the name Radiation Romeos came from a line in the song “Atomic Playboys").

Musically, the band moves in a melodic hard rock direction with solid, metallic edges thanks to the production of Michael Voss (Phantom 5, Casanova, Michael Schenker), who also contributed to the songwriting. In the studio, Parramore sang all vocals with Dag Heyne handling guitars, Jogi Spittka on bass, and Gereon Homann laying down the drum work with gusto!

Perry says: “Radiation Romeos started when producer Michael Voss contacted me in San Diego through Facebook. A few days later we had the record agreement with Frontiers, so the RADIATION ROMEOS album was soon under way. Our goal was to write great melodic rock songs. The album “spans the globe” from the title track, power rockin’ RADIATION ROMEOS to some songs with a bit more grit like CASTAWAYS. All the way to a beautiful ballad, LIKE AN ARROW. Something for everyone, if you will… The recording was so much fun and exciting for me. I couldn’t wait to get up the following day to work on the next song! Michael is a wonderfully professional person with endless talent and the musicians super cool guys and top players!”

Parramore McCarty's career in music started when Robbin Crosby of RATT gave him his start singing in cover bands. His first major label album was “Fighting For the Earth” on Virgin Records in 1985 for the legendary heavy metal band Warrior. Steve Stevens' Atomic Playboys followed in 1989 on Warner Bros. Records. Then hereturned to Warrior and also started gigging in the LA area with Metal Freqs and Monster Traxx.

Radiation Romeos will take no prisoners with their exciting mixture of muscular rock anthems and killer melodic songs!

Parramore McCarty - vocals
Dag Heyne - guitars
Jogi Spittka - bass
Gereon Homann – drums

Produced by Michael Voss


Album tracklisting:
1. Radiation Romeos
2. Ocean Drive
3. Bad Bad Company
4. Mystic Mountain
5. Like An Arrow
6. Promised Land
7. Castaways
8. Ghost Town
9. Til The End Of Time
10. On The Tight Rope
11. Monstertraxx

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Yeah, definitely liked the guys voice let's see how it's held up after 20+, almost 30 years. Haven't heard anything from him since then and don't know who the other guys are but I'm looking forward to the first sample


And yes the band name (as well as Atomic Playboys back in the day) sounds really cool I think

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By the way, I think it's cool they've included a song named after the band again. For some reason I always liked that, sort of an anthem like they did with Atomic Playboys or also Australian band De La Cruz had a song named ''De La Cruz'' on their EP. Can't think of any others right now but definitely a good thing

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Not to be a downer, but this has run-of-the-mill written all over it. Hoping for something good, but I just don't know about this one. I'm predicting by-the-numbers Michael Voss from recent years. Which will not be bad... but you know what you're going to get and imo the other names are insignificant. This will sound like Michael Voss through and through.

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Nah,not for me at all,had slight hopes(not much) on this and it hasn't even lived up to them unfortunately :( Agree with Geoff on this one,Voss by numbers....sounds just like that Rock Wolves muck he released and the video aint a million miles from theirs either.

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Holy christ, that video is sooooo, soooo bad. Soooo off-putting. I kept returning to it, hoping the girl with the huge orbs would be illuminated out from those shadows.


But seriously, you take away the video from the song, and I kind of like it. Simple, but nice song. But that video goes a massive way to ruining it, so try to listen to the song without the video.

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I'm not too quick to count this one out......I did enjoy the uptempo tracks I've heard so far, however the ballads weighed me down. In time, I would probably be glad I picked this one up, if nothing more, than for the tracks i did enjoy hearing. Filler, yes.......some enjoyable, yes.........on the fence? yes...........

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