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Not familiar with the band or the material, but $45 dollars for a cdr, no matter who made it or where it is from is as usual ridiculous and that someone spent even more than that for one is a testament to how gullible some are.


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Guest OhGeeProd

Get 'em while ya can! Previous near mint used ones have sold for $69.99 +3 shipping, and one recently sold for $40 & change +$6 shipping. These are from the band founder's personal vault. Plus as a bonus for purchase, you'll get three never before released Angel Edge songs (two live recordings and one studio cut from the same Angel Edge Revisited sessions and has had the drums revamped by Paul Sabu last year).




Price slashed on Ebay by to $26.99 + $3 shipping. Band had great AOR / Melodic rock - metal reviews on all major AOR / Melodic Rock websiites by reviewers like Nicky Baldrian, Chavis Records owner, and most every Melodic rock AOR / melodic rock webzine reviewer. It;s llisted on this site too. There's no music avaliable to review anywhere on the internet except for one site that surprisingly has a complete song for streaming only that hasn't yet been taken down by Angel Edge and their attorneys unless they got special permission to stream it. http://melodic-hardrock.com/angel-edge-revisited-1989/

Winner Best rock / Metal song 1990 NMIC awards.

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