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Righteous Vendetta - Curse


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This is a very nice sounding album that came out not too long ago , reminds me a little bit of the No resolve album from a few months back although heavier














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Not a game-changer by any means, but it appealed to my modern rock/metal sensibilities enough for me to snag it off iTunes. The tracks "Defiance" and "Burn" are particularly tasty.

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Interesting album. It's thunderous production makes it extremely appealing, but a lot of the first half of the album kind of misses the mark for me. Nice sound, but a bit nu-metal in places. 'Daemons' and 'A Way Out' are good on the first 3/4 of the album, but for me it's not until 'Doomed' where the album really kicks into gear. And then the last 5 songs are all very good. 'Strangers' is an absolute killer closer, but the three in-between - 'Burn,' 'Halfway' and 'Become' are all excellent too. But holy shit I love 'Doomed.' Chorus is insane;



Oh, and as a side note, does anyone else find themselves thinking back to Destrophy at all when you hear these guys? There's similarities.

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